Mr. O: What to expect

Hey guys, it has been slow for me in my writing due to lack of motivation here and the things I have to do such as school and sports. Anyway, I have been working on the next chapter for Amazing Adventures bit by bit, but I am pausing it for now because it is October and I have started work on a story that celebrates Halloween or All Hollow’s Eve. I was looking for a Halloween story that I have drawn back in 2015, but I couldn’t find it, so I had to go with the story that I have drawn last year, 2017, and that is the story I am working on now. As of right now, all I’m gonna say about it is that it’s titled “Terror”  and I hope you’ll like it.

Since this month also celebrates the day of Puerto Ricans, I might as well as do my part in it by sharing this post and a drawing of a superhero that I made to represent my homeland. Well, to represent Puerto Rico and because the island needs more superheroes. So here he is, the hero I call El Sol or The Sun, a hero with superhuman physique and energy generation.


And that is all from me.

A phone rings and I answer it.

Me:”Hello? What?! A bank robbery?! Ok, I got just the man for the job!”

Then I call for the man that I need.

Me:“Hello Sun! There is a bank robbery going on in Carolina, can you stop the bad guys? Ok, may you save the day!”

Then, I turn on my camera monitor and I see The Sun beating the robbers.

Me:“Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t mess with The Sun! Pow! Wham!”

I see that it is all over and I turn off the monitor.

Me:“Well, that was awesome! See you next time readers!”


Mr.O on September 11

Hey everyone! As you can see on the title, today is the day that the September 11 attacks occurred and we lost a lot of people there, including our loved ones. It started as just a normal day as any other, when people got to their work places and did their own things, but then a plane crashed into one of the twin towers  and it was followed by another plane that did the same thing as the first plane. There were two more planes targeting the Pentagon and some other location in the US, which some believe that its the White House, but that fourth plane did not hit its target. It became clear that things would never be the same and so today I decide to write this as my way of saying that I’m still here and acknowledging the day of the attacks.

For those who are still with me, the reason that I have been slow on my stories is that I do not feel a strong drive to make lots of progress and as of now, I have been making little bits of writing on my latest chapter of the Amazing Adventures series which is titled The Water Orb.

That is all from me, Mr.O.

Amazing Adventures Volume 1 Chapter 9: Origins of The Coquirians

37203297_886967004847208_1176826652626255872_nIt has been three days after that night of lucid dreaming into the sleeping worlds, battling Nightmare Demons and saving the dream world. Remembering all that, Miguel feels like he can have many good night dreams and take on the world.

Right now, he plans on spending an Sunday midday hour at Martin’s BBQ, in Carolina. Upon entering, the first thing he sees is a small line, but then he sees a familiar sight, which happens to be a boy with black hair, black eyes, a blue cap with a big O on it, a white t-shirt, blue shorts and black sneakers fitting his big feet. This description fits Owen Azul, who waves at Miguel with one of his big hands and waits for him at a table.

After waiting for his food and receiving it, Miguel joins Owen at the table and sits in front of him.

Owen:“White rice with beans and fried meat? Good choice of food, though I only eat rice with meat.”

Miguel:“You don’t like beans? Why?”

Owen:“I don’t find it appetizing and I am picky in my choices.”

Miguel:“Ok, not gonna argue against that.”

Miguel takes the first bite at his food and begins eating it. While he does this, he looks at Owen, who is looking through the window, and observes his physical traits. Based on these observations, Miguel starts to get curious and thinks to himself.

Miguel:‘I know that he gets those big hands and feet from the Coquirian race, but I don’t know much about them. Well, I see no harm in asking him.’

With these thoughts in mind, Miguel gets Owen’s attention and asks him a question.

Miguel:“Hey Owen, I know you get your hands and feet from your race, but is there more info about your kind, like where they come from and all that?”

Owen:“Well, all I know is that there are theories about Coquirian origins that are pretty much unconfirmed, for not even my kind knows how they came to be.”

Miguel nods in acknowledgement and continues eating his food. after another bite, he asks another question.

Miguel:“So, how many theories have you heard of?”

Owen:“A lot of them, like overtime in life or by magic.”

Before either of the two can say anything else, Owen senses a familiar presence nearby and spots a girl approaching the entrance of the restaurant. The girl appears to be almost like a human being, as she sports black jeans, a white shirt with a cute cat in it and a grey jacket. Aside from having light skin and soft black hair, Owen recognizes her most identifiable features, her lizard eyes, her green and red-striped horn and tail of the same colors. By this physical description, he recognizes Chamaella, who just entered the restaurant and saw her two friends. Miguel follows the direction Owen is staring at and also sees the lizard girl coming towards them.

Chamaella:“Hey guys, what’s up?”

Miguel:“We are talking about theories surrounding the origins of Coquirians that have yet to be confirmed.”

Chamaella:“That sounds interesting, I read about those theories and I would love to know where did Coquirians come from.”

Owen:“I would like to continue talking about this, but how about at Julia de Burgos park instead of here?”

Miguel:“Alright, let’s go there.”

Chamaella:“Sure, I like that.”

The trio of friends walk out of the Martin’s BBQ restaurant and they walk towards the Julia de Burgos park. It didn’t take long for them to arrive and they see the name of the park, which reads:

Parque Pasivo Julia De Burgos

They enter the park and they see long pathways and stands. They also see a big figure jogging on the long pathways and appears to be male, having amber skin color, green eyes, neutral dark blonde hair and two small devil horns. Seems like on this day he wears a blue and orange, short sleeved, sports shirt, yellow shorts and orange sneakers. This is the description of Manuel, the muscle of the group, who comes to a stop when he gets near them and greets them.

Manuel:“Hey amigos! How are you all today?!”

Miguel:“We are good, we came here to talk about these theories about Coquirian origins.”

Manuel takes a moment to breathe and replies:

Manuel:“My dad told me about them, but I couldn’t understand them.”

Owen:“What do you not understand?”

Manuel:“Whether they have mind powers or not.”

Owen:“Ok, Coquirian minds have heightened senses and intellect, but it’s unknown if they are capable of things like telepathy and telekinesis.” 

Manuel nods in acknowledgement and the group wonder if Coquirians have mind powers. They wonder no more as their thoughts turn to the theories surrounding Owen’s kind. The group stand in silence until they hear a voice reach out to them.

Unknown:“Hey guys! Nice seeing you all here!”

They turn around to see a girl with dark brown hair, beige skin color, brown eyes, wears a grey coat and green pants. They are aware that she is not human, for she has big hands and feet, just like Owen. That is Rosallia, the final member of their group of friends. Miguel and Owen reply with their own variants of “hello” while the others do gestures such as the peace sign and fist bump.

Rosallia:“So how are you guys?”

Chamaella:“I’m good today, just started reading about the animal issues this year.”

Rosallia:“It’s so terrible to hear about animals suffering from abuse, hunting and every bad thing done to them by mankind.”

While they are talking about animal issues, Miguel and Manuel put on sad faces to express their sadness for what’s happening to the wildlife while Owen also shares their sadness and thinks bitterly.

Owen:‘It’s not fair for other species to suffer like this. I know there are good people out there, but I sometimes think we don’t belong here and need to be punished for all our sins.’

Really wanting to get out of the sad subject, Miguel asks Owen a question.

Miguel:“So, Owen, what are the theories you have known about your kind’s debut?”

Snapping out of his bitter thoughts, Owen replies:

Owen:“Ok, the first theory I know states that, on the scientific side, they were created by scientists for the purpose of  enhancing humanoid bodies, but there is not enough evidence to prove that.”

Then, the others join in on the conversation.

Rosallia:“For some reason, I don’t think scientists made them.”

Manuel:“I agree with you there, I believe their origins come from nature instead of being man-made. Just makes more sense to me.”

Miguel:“Yeah, there was a letter describing the creation of Coquirians on the internet, but that’s confirmed to be a hoax.”

Chamaella:“Honestly, there’s lots of hoaxes on the web, especially one about Okros being kidnappers.”

Manuel frowns at hearing the offensive reminder of his home town’s past reputation and responds:

Manuel:“Don’t remind me about that, it was bad enough that my people were seen as kidnappers and treated with hatred, but we do not need something like this happening again.”

They all stand in silence, only to shattered by the bookworm of the group.

Chamaella:“We are all on the same page there, so to get our minds away from that, let’s resume the theories subject. What other theories have you read about?”

Owen:”Second theory states Coquirians came from humans who are so afraid of death that their desire for immortality grew to the point of their transformation.”

Rosallia:“Were you afraid of death before your transformation?”

Owen:“Yeah, I want to live forever, but I’m not sure this confirms the second theory.”

Miguel:“It is natural to be afraid, but we all have our ways of handling it. It’s no use dwelling on it and besides, I will get bored if I lived forever.”

Only Manuel and Chamaella mentally agreed with Miguel while Rosallia and Owen shared one thought.

‘Easy for you to say.’

Owen:“Anyways, I got three more possible origins left.”

Rosallia:“How about I talk about the next possible origin? I happen to know about these kind of things too.”

Owen:“Go ahead.”

After looking at everyone who’s listening, Rosallia starts speaking of  the next theory.

Rosallia:“Ok, this next origin says that humans turned into Coquirians over time in their teens or after death, though some believe it while others find this far fetched. So yeah, it’s either in life or after dying of any cause and did you know we still don’t understand why we don’t physically change beyond our teenage bodies?”

At this, everyone except Owen appears to be perplexed at this idea and reply with no in response to the question they have been asked. They continue to focus on the primary subject they are talking about.

Manuel:“Which speculation or whatever it is now? the third or fourth? I lost track on how many origins are there.”

Rosallia:“I believe we are on the fourth possible origin, where we go to the mystical side or magic, if you prefer. This one tells that they were either created by an unseen force or powerful gods. The only piece of evidence found was a piece of a stone tablet depicting creatures with large hands and feet.”

Manuel:“So, is it true?”

Rosallia shakes her head to say no and she explains.

Rosallia:“No, this has been proven to be untrue due to the fact that another piece has been found back in March 25 of 2015 aka this year and when researchers put the piece with the other, it showed that the creatures also had horns, so no Coquirians here.”

Owen:“Yeah, do you guys see horns on our heads?”

The others shake their heads in response and Owen continues speaking.

Owen:“Alright, I’ll take over and speak of this last origin.”

Miguel:“Go on.”

Manuel:“We wanna hear it.”

Owen:“Okay, so this last origin says that the very first member of our race was created by a wizard  during the Middle Ages, where knights, princesses and dragons were common and this story came from hidden texts found in an old castle somewhere near Jayuya.”

Manuel:“So, is this also fake or not?”

Owen:“That actually has yet to be confirmed and no further clues have been found to prove it. Not many people believe it anyway.”

Rosallia:“I find this interesting because this is one mystery no one has ever cracked yet and they still can’t figure out the meaning of this particular text.”

Rosallia searches on her phone and shows the text to her friends. She reads the text and it says:

“All the world is the stage and the living are merely the actors, living their tales from the beginning to the end and repeating the story over and over, but only one race of beings shall live to tell the tales.”

Chamaella:“That sounds interesting and kind of like a prophecy.”

Rosallia:“It sure does sound like it, but what does it mean?”

Owen:“It can possibly mean that a race of beings will last forever, but I’m not sure it refers to the Coquirians or some other immortal race.”

The group think of an answer to the text, but none is found and then Manuel breaks their moment of thought.

Manuel:“Well, that is something for another day and how about going to a movie theater? I feel like watching a movie and eating some nachos before Monday comes.”

The others think of an answer and sure enough, they agree.

Miguel:“That’s a great idea, let’s go!”

Miguel takes a step forward to the exit, but he trips and falls. He takes a moment to identify the source of his tripping and sees a banana peel on the floor. He gets up, picks up the peel and puts it in a nearby trash bin and turns around to see his friends laugh at him.

Owen:“You tripped and fallen cause of that small peel!”

Manuel:“You just got owned by that thing!”

Rosallia and Chamaella just kept chuckling or laughing and Miguel gives two words for the others while pouting.

Miguel:“Shut up!”

They all calm down and they continue on their merry way to their next destination.

Meanwhile, a white bird is standing on a tree branch and watches the teens go out of  Parque Pasivo Julia De Burgos. The bird mutters to itself.

Unknown:“I shall watch over this island and its heroes, for I fear a disaster will come and they will need help.”

The bird flies away to an unknown destination, determined to offer aid in any way possible.

The End




The Sword of Truth


In the far,distant past, the world was a dark place. Mankind was plagued and controlled by a demon lord and his army, who enjoyed their pain and misery. This evil reigned for a long time, until one man appeared and he challenged Satan to a battle. The man called himself the “Hero of Light” and took out a sword with a golden hilt and three gems of blue, green and red colors. He speaks of the gems meaning knowledge, peace and compassion. The gems gave power to the sword that he calls the “Sword of Truth” and this was enough for the hero to banish Satan and his army back to Hell.

With mankind free, the hero received praise and in turn, a higher power made the world in its image and it became habitable for humanity. To honor the day of their freedom, they taught future generations about knowledge, peace and compassion so the hero could never be forgotten.

Fast forward centuries later and we are taken to the present time, in the land of Solomon and the street of Babel, where one man lives and works in a restaurant named Sweet Miracles, serving those in need. When he was born, he was given the name “Adam”. He is known for his physically fit body, spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and has an compassionate soul. On this day he works at the restaurant and has just finished giving bread to a mother and her child.

Adam:“Have a nice day!”

He took off his apron and got out of the restaurant. He was ready to go home, but a voice called out to him.

Unknown:“Hey Adam!”

Adam turns around and sees a boy about some inches shorter than him, has an average build, blue clothes, green eyes and black hair. That is the description that Adam recognizes of his best friend.

Adam:“Hey David. how’s it going?”

David:“Oh, its all cool! hey, you wanna play Basketball?”

Adam:”Sure, let’s go and play.”

They walk the streets of Solomon on their way to the Basketball stadium, but Adam sees an elder woman about to be run over by a cart and without a second thought, he runs and saves the old lady from the cart. After getting her to safety, Adam looks at the direction the cart ran to and back at the elder woman he saved.

Adam:“Are you alright?”

Old Lady:“Why, yes I am fine thanks to you young man. God bless your soul!”

Adam:“Take care!”

He turns around to see David walking towards his direction.

David:“Whoa, Adam, that was so cool! you alright?”

Adam:“Yes, I am fine. Shall we go play at Calm Storm stadium?”

David:“Heck yeah, let’s go!”

The two best friends begin walking their way to Calm Storm Stadium, unaware that a pair of red eyes are watching them. The owner of these eyes follows them as they get closer to their destination. They got there and stand in front of a round, big stadium with multicolored flags all around it and posters depicting a male figure spinning a ball with a number one in it. They enter and they play basketball until night, when Adam wins the game and they get out of the stadium. Outside of the stadium, David speaks.

David:“Well, that was a good game.”

Adam:“Yeah, after a day of work, a game of Basketball made me feel better.”

David:“Hey, you know what I want to be when I’m older?”


David:“I want to be a doctor and cure people with my tools and faith! What about you?”

Adam:“I think that for now, I want to be someone who inspires people to have faith. Either that or become a chef and serve food.”

David was about to reply, but was cut off by a growl. They turn to see a man in blue jeans, black jacket and red hair, but the most surprising features are his red and inhuman eyes. The man stared at them both before Adam broke the silence.

Adam:“It’s a good night out here right?”

The man said nothing and started walking towards them slowly, only for the strange man to run towards them with a nightmarish scream. Thinking fast, Adam got a frightened David out of harm’s way and they began running from the man, who was chasing them through the streets of Babel.

The pair ran into Sweet Miracles, where they went into hiding from their pursuer, but the man entered the room they are hiding in and found them. David grabbed a rolling pin and hit him with it, but it didn’t affect him at all and he grabbed the kitchen tool out of David’s hand to throw it away. Adam throws a punch, but the attacker grabs it with no effort and throws him across the room. The man gets closer to Adam and attempts to kill him with his demonic claw, but he was stabbed from behind and looks at an old man with red and orange robes, blue eyes and grey hair. He looks at the elder’s weapon and sees a knife enhanced by a glowing light and those were his last seconds as he turns to smoke and is sent back to his own prison.

The old man offers his hand to Adam, but he is to scared to grab it.

Unknown:“No need to be afraid son, you can trust me. I won’t hurt you.”

Adam hesitates for a moment longer, but he takes the old man’s hand and gets up. As soon as he is up, the old man gives the two friends instructions.

Unknown:“Meet me at the warehouse tomorrow, at eight o clock, after work, north of the Forest of Knowledge.”

The two silently agreed to his instructions and parted ways to their homes, with questions in their minds. Meanwhile, in a dark alley, a beggar with red eyes attacks a nearby couple.

At the Forest of Knowledge in the night, Adam and David find the abandoned warehouse and go inside, where they see the old man surrounded by candles and a large stone with an ancient language. On the walls of the warehouse, there are images depicting a hero clad in golden armor and carrying a sword with a golden hilt and three gems. Other images show the hero fighting terrifying creatures with red skin, red eyes and horns. After seconds of looking at the images, the old man finally speaks.

Unknown:“Please sit down, I have much to explain.”

They obeyed and sat down on two chairs, waiting for the old man to continue speaking.

Unknown:“For starters, I am called ‘Wise Solomon’, but you can just call me Solomon.”

Adam:“I’m Adam.”

David:“David’s my name”.

Solomon:“Well, nice to meet you young fellows and as you can see, this is where I live. I lived here for a very long time since the ancient past.”

Solomon saw the looks of doubt in their faces so he explained.

Solomon:“I am no normal old man, for I am an eternal messenger of the gods. They sent me to this world to raise brave souls who have desires to protect the world and make it better.”

Adam:“Protect it from what exactly?”

Solomon:“Demons, foul creatures born from the souls of the wicked and a realm called Hell. Long ago, when the first humans and animals lived, they lived in harmony and happiness while the gods and the angels watched over them. However, some of these angels did not like this harmony and wished to make them in their image so these winged fellows went rogue and sent one of them to trick the first humans while the others scared the animals, causing chaos in this once beautiful land. The gods did not like this at all and banished them into a place much lower than the human world and as time passed by, they gained power which turned them into the demons that plague our world. Nothing can kill them except the Sword of Truth, a weapon that embodies knowledge, peace and compassion and it can only be wielded by a warrior worthy to carry it.”

Adam:“You think one of us is worthy?”

Solomon:“Only the Sword knows.”

Solomon opens a door leading to a room with lots of empty space, with only one object in the middle of it all, the Sword of Truth. They all stared at the Sword for a moment before the elder messenger spoke.

Solomon:“Gentlemen, that is the Sword of Truth.”

Adam:“Wow, this is beautiful, but why show us this?”

Solomon:“While I said only the Sword knows, I feel like you are worthy of this weapon and your friend has an undying loyalty to you, so I figured why not?”

David felt pride at hearing this while Adam still looked at the Sword, unsure of whether he should pick it up or not.

Solomon:“You don’t have to pick it up if you don’t want to, there are other people with hearts like yours, but I ask you that this doesn’t leave the room.”

Adam contemplated the matter for some seconds longer, but then put on a face of determination.

Adam:“I made my mind, I will pick up the Sword and if I’m worthy, I shall save the world and defeat those foul demons!”

Adam walked to the Sword and put his hand into the hilt. He pulled it and the Sword came out, glowing with shining light. Adam is worthy of the Sword of Truth. Solomon watched this moment with happiness while David admired his best friend’s new role as a hero. Finally, Solomon spoke.

Solomon:“Well, the Sword sees you fit to wield it, but there’s a problem.”

Adam:“What’s the problem?”

Solomon:“I see a group of demons attacking innocents at the Ten Wells plaza, so I suggest you go there and send them back to where they belong.”

Adam:“Will do, let’s go David.”

They get out of the warehouse and run to the Ten Wells plaza, where upon arrival they see demons causing trouble and harm on the citizens. A demon flies close to Adam and the new hero slashes at the foul demon, banishing it to Hell. Several demons notice this and they charge at him, only for Adam to dodge their attacks and destroy them with the Sword. Injured from some demonic scratches, Adam takes a momentary rest before he feels the ground shaking and he turns to see a demon twice his size, clad in Pagan armor, armed with a long spear and an iron shield. The giant brute looks at Adam with a murderous face and charges at him, intending to kill the hero.

Adam moves out of the way of the demon’s attacks and grabs the spear so he can take out the offensive weapon. He succeeded, but he was struck by a backhanded punch from the giant and was sent flying into a wall. He tried to get up, but all he could do was watch as his bigger foe approached him with his spear back in hand and ready to kill the human fighter. David watched in fear, unsure of what to do until he saw a y-shaped stick and a piece of a ribbon and with those two things, he turned it into a slingshot. He looked around for something to shoot and he found a rock next to wooden crate and he finally has something to shoot at the demon giant. Now, he needs to get its attention.

David:“Hey tall and ugly!”

The giant turned around and got struck in the forehead by the rock that David picked up, resulting in the big brute collapsing to the ground. This gives Adam enough time to get up, get his Sword and strike the giant before it could get up, sending it back to Hell. Adam takes a moment to breathe before walking towards his friend and speaks to him.

Adam:“Thanks David.”

David:“No problem buddy, isn’t that what friends do?”

Adam:“Well, we don’t often see best friends slay powerful demons, that’s for sure.”

They both share a moment of laughter between friends until they feel another shake on the ground and they see a beam of darkness come out of the plaza’s well, where demons come out to cause trouble to humans.

David:“What the heck is that?!”

Solomon:“They are the Ten Plagues, demons capable of summoning terrible, namesake plagues on our world. They have been around for a long time since they were created and unleashed upon the world. It took 10 angels sent by the higher ups to imprison them into the well and after they went in there, the angels gave humans the ten commandments and from that moment, this place became the Ten Wells plaza, named after the plagues, commandments and the well that the Ten plagues were imprisoned.”

Adam:“Interesting history, but now they have escaped from their prison and are going to wreck the world.”

Solomon:“Indeed, that is why you two need to go to the Temple of The North, one of the four temples capable of sending a clear message to the gods. There’s North at the mountains of Solomon, South at the Two Waters beach, West at the Forest of the Wicked and East at the Devil’s Cavern. If all four temples are activated, the message will be complete and the gods can provide aid.”

Adam was about to say something, but they suddenly hear noises coming from behind and they turn around to see a horde of frogs with red skin, horns and yellow eyed hopping towards them. The three men have only one thought: run.

They ran as fast as they can, trying to avoid getting run over by the demonic frog stampede. As they ran, they see several livestock dying and decaying and the plaza is also struck by thunder and hail. Things got worse when they start seeing boils on man and beast. Adam and David wonder on how much more can they bare to see as they find that they are chased by supernatural flies who are intent on spreading disease and suffering. The hero and his buddy also take a look at Solomon as he also ran and share one thought:‘For an old man, he runs as fast as us.’

The two shake that thought off as they focus on getting away from the flies and frogs, but they notice the sky getting dark until they can see no more. Lucky for them, Solomon raised his staff and slammed it into the ground, giving them light to see through the dark and they continued to run. They reached the the bridge, where they look in disgust at the water that has turned to blood, and crossed it. They arrived back to Babel streets and hide in an empty building, where David loses his mind and panics.

David:“What just happened out there?! It’s frightening, with all those darn monsters, the thunder, those things on people’s and animal’s bodies, the dark and that blood! Oh the horror!”

Adam looks on in sadness and doubt while Solomon attempts to calm down the panic stricken boy.

Solomon:“Calm down David, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

David:“Calm down? CALM DOWN?! How can I calm down with all that is happening right now?!”

Solomon:“I know it is difficult to handle all that is happening, but we cannot fall to despair and we have a hero of light here.”

David:“Oh yeah? That giant Goliath may have been beaten with my help, but there is no chance we can beat the more powerful demons!”

This is the moment Adam chooses to speak.

Adam:“It’s true, I have only beaten smaller demons and I was saved by David from that brute, but other than that we are just commoners with little experience with demons, so I don’t believe I can be the hero the world needs.”

The group shares a moment of silence and it would last longer until Solomon speaks.

Solomon:“You may not have enough experience, but that is no reason to give up, for I still have faith in you and faith is what makes us stronger. Even the the higher beings have faith in you and I will also train you to further your skill with the sword.”

Adam takes time to process the wise elder’s words and starts to believe in his abilities and looks up at the old man and his friend and with determination, he speaks to Solomon.

Adam:“You are right, I must have faith if I want to save the world. can you teach me?”

Solomon:“Yes, I will teach you how to be the world’s next protector and David, I have faith in you too, for you are loyal to the end. I will teach you if you want.”

David processes his words and puts on a face full of hope.

David:“Cool! so when do we start old man?”

Solomon shoots a glare at David, which intimidates the boy.

Solomon:“Who are you calling an old man?”

David:“No one! No one at all!”

Adam and Solomon share a laugh before they begin their training. Solomon trained the boys for many hours and many months, making lots of progress in their swordsmanship skills. At first, they struggled with some techniques and had to try again many times until they became good at it later on. Now, they got lots of training and Solomon is proud of the boys, who still look the same, but they sport some shoulder pads, greaves and sabatons. Adam and David spar in a playful manner until Solomon speaks, now getting serious.

Solomon:“I do hate to break this happy moment, but now it is time to take on the demons. The world must have changed for the worse by now and mankind is enslaved, so off we go to the North Temple.”

The heroes give nods of agreement and they go out of their hideout, determined to save mankind and their home.

After a long walk through the darkness, they arrived at the North Temple which is overrun by small, winged demons. This was an easy task, for they easily defeated them and they enter the temple after that. Upon entering, they see images on the walls depicting angels banishing three of the Plagues into the well and as they continue searching for the center of the temple, they also see images of a lone fruit, hanging on a tree, and wrapped around by a snake. They find the center, where they see a giant, black horned demon guarding the altar and they prepare for battle.

The giant demon throws a punch at Adam, who avoids the fist and slashes his arm, leaving a fresh wound. David dodges the fist as well and slashes at his arm, but there is no wound and the demon punches a surprised David across the room, leaving him in pain. He gets up and thinks about his failed attempt to wound this temple’s demonic guardian.

David:‘Strange, Adam did wound the ugly guard, but I couldn’t even hurt him.’

Then, he comes to remember an important detail:

David:‘Of course, only the Sword of Truth can kill demons!’

David turns to Adam and yells:

David:“Adam! Only the sword in your hand can kill those uglies! I’ll join Solomon in prayers while you deal with it!”

Adam:“Right, leave me to deal with this big guy.”

Adam is left to deal with his enemy while David runs off to join Solomon in the prayers, quickening the process. The demon has gotten cuts on his arms while he defends itself from the slashes of the human that dares to strike. Adam runs fast to his foe’s back and tries to stab his back, but the bigger of the two turned around quickly and grabbed the smaller opponent to slam him to the ground five times before throwing him to the walls. Adam got up just in time to avoid another fist coming his way and slash at the demon guard’s knees, bringing him down. At the same time Adam quickly runs and stabs the evil guard on his back, David and Solomon finish their prayers, making a glow send a piece of a message to the skies and banish the demons flying around the temple. The glow also draws humanoid beings with white skin, blond hair and feathered wings and at last, angels have arrived!

The angels look at the heroes, then at the land outside the temple and back to the heroes, giving nods of understanding before flying off towards the plagues. The three men look on with happiness until Solomon speaks.

Solomon:“The angels will banish the Plagues who summoned the frogs, bugs and thunder, but there are still three more temples to go.”

And so on the heroes go, traveling to the other temples and facing dangers on their way, such as demonic voices in the Forest of The Wicked in the west, frightening water demons in the south and a giant snake at the east. At every remaining temple Adam would kill the demons guarding the temples while David and Solomon pray at the altars, sending glows that would call more angels who banish the rest of the plagues and make the world a better place, bit by bit. With all temples active, the heroes take a moment to breathe easy, but it doesn’t last long, for they feel an earthquake and hear a loud, inhuman roar.

Solomon:“Oh no.”

Adam:“What is it Solomon?!”

Solomon:“It is as I feared, Abaddon has returned.”

David:“Uh who or what is Abaddon?”

Adam:“I know that! Abaddon is the angel of the abyss who sends demons to torment the inhabitants of our world.”

Solomon:“You are correct. However, Abaddon is not only an angel, but also a place of destruction. The place or the castle of destruction, as I like to call it, is the angel’s source of power and grants him a physical form.”

David:“So, where is it?”

Solomon:“There is only one way to find out.”

Solomon closes his eyes, raises his staff and slams it into the ground. Adam and David look at him with confusion until they see light strike the staff and they see it going through a specific direction. Solomon opens his eyes and looks at the two shocked young men.

Solomon:”I asked the gods to guide us to the castle of destruction and they provided us with directions.”

The young men snap out of their shock and the trio start following the godly light. They walked through forests filled with animals who were kind enough to bring them closer to their destination while also avoiding supernatural enemies. They eventually get out of the forest and they see a big wasteland. After sometime of walking, they find a big crater, where they see castle, but they need a closer look to describe it. To the surprise of Adam and David, Solomon raises his left hand and a rock near the crater vanishes, leaving a crimson red portal in its place.

Wise Solomon turns to see his companions whose eyes are wide and open. With a chuckle, he speaks to them.

Solomon:“Well, not everything is what they appear to be, you know.”

The trio walk into the portal and they are transported down the crater, where they get to see the castle at a closer range. The castle of Abaddon appears to be ruined, as if abandoned, and it has remains of red rooftops and round windows. Further observations tell them that it appears to be castle made of cement. After looking at it a moment longer, they start walking towards it, determined to face this upcoming challenge. Upon entering the castle, they see a big room with nothing except cracks on the walls and they also notice a door with a name above it: Abaddon.

They went into the next room, where they see horrifying images of humans burning in flames of agony and despair. Other images include people with scratch marks everywhere, skeletons chasing innoccents and a demon standing above others. They suddenly hear the roar they heard much earlier and the assume their fighting stances. Then, they hear a wall breaking and they turn to their left, only to see a being much bigger than them who has feathered wings as opposed to bat wings, medium sized horns, red eyes and wears black and red clothes like its jacket with spiky shoulders of the same colors and black belt. The heroic trio looks at it with shock and fear, but they get ready to battle.

Adam:“ok, you two ready?”

David:“Ready when you are buddy.”

Solomon:“I believe we will have victory.”

Adam:“Alright, for the light!”

Abaddon lights his hand on fire and roars, also ready for battle. The trio of light and the angel of destruction run towards other, closer and closer before physical contact is made. The heroes’ weapons make contact with their adversary’s claws and the blow sends the heroes of light flying across the room. The heroes get up and run towards their target, ready to strike. Abaddon flies high, grabs Adam and slams him to a wall yet again.

Adam:“Oh come on, what is it with me being slammed into walls?!”

Abaddon then slams him to the ground and throws the Sword of Truth away from its owner. He uses his fire to burn Adam, bringing him lots of pain and making him scream in agony. The dark angel raised his free arm and was about to punch him in the face, but felt something pull his arm. He saw a snake pulling his arm and tries to get it out, but he struggles as he also feels something stab his back. He sees David clinging on his sword and tries to grab the smaller human.

Seeing the limited time, Solomon shouts to Adam:

Solomon:“Adam! Go to the center of the castle to the left of this room while we stall him for time, no questions!”

This shuts Adam’s mouth and got him to run while his allies try to distract Abaddon for as long as they can. Adam runs through the door and sees stairs leading way down to his destination.

While Adam is running down the large stairway, Solomon and David continue to stall until Abaddon pulls Solomon towards him, throwing him to the other side, and throws himself on his back on an attempt to crush the young boy, but it ends in failure. Solomon shoots a beam of light, but Abaddon flies out of range, grabs the old man and throws him at David. The angel of destruction charges up his flames and shoots three fire arrows, only for Solomon to summon a yellow shield with his staff in hopes of blocking it.

The fire is strong enough to push the human and messenger of gods to a wall, leaving them with nowhere else to go. While he tries to break the shield, Abaddon realizes the fact that there is one human running to the center of his castle and, after moving forward and knocking out his distractions, flies towards his next target.

On the other side, Adam arrives and finds a big red orb in the center of the whole castle. He strikes the orb seven times and was about strike again, but felt something hot grab his hands and throw him away from his objective. Before he can get up, his body is wrapped around by the fire hand and he looks up to see Abaddon summon a fire arrow and bring it down towards him, making him scream in pain. Then, Abaddon chokes him with his two hands, leaving him to feel his oxygen go down. Adam felt fear as his life is decreasing and has thoughts concerning this situation.

Adam:‘N-no, this cannot be the end, I’m not ready to die and let the world end, not when everyone depends on me. I got to be strong in mind, body and spirit. I need to be strong for myself, for my family, for my friends and for the world!’

As these thoughts reach into his mind, his strength and determination grow, allowing him to move away the hands of his enemy bit by bit.

Adam:‘Sorry that I cannot join you yet mother and father, but my friends need me.’

With his arms away from the hero’s neck, Abaddon feels terror when he sees light shine from Adam’s eyes.


Adam kicks Abaddon away from him and grabs his sword before the angel can realize what just happened. He finally gets a chance to see the owner of the sword who is enveloped in a golden aura and his eyes glow as bright as before. Abaddon strikes with his right claw, but hits nothing except air. Before he could look for the golden man, he felt slashes on his back, arms and knees. It turns out he did get injured by the same man in front of him, whose face sports a grin and his blade has drops of red.

Now, he feels nothing except hatred towards the hero of light and for a moment they stand and stare at each other, waiting for one of the two to make a move. Then, Adam runs towards the orb and Abaddon flies after him, with the intent of saving his own physical existence. Time slows down as they get closer to the orb, with both combatants looking for victory. The fate of the land depends on this moment as they are inches away from the orb.

The outcome has been decided, for the Sword of Truth has reached the orb, shattering it to pieces. At the same time, Adam felt like he had been stabbed in the back. He turns to look at Abaddon, who begins to crack and with one last roar of horror, explodes into nothing. After witnessing this sight, Adam returns to his normal self and collapses to the ground due to his wounds. He only has enough time to declare victory.

Adam:“Guys… we won…for the… light.”

It is after those words came out of his mouth that his vision turned dark and he fell into unconsciousness. A second later, David and Solomon came to room only for them to see no Abaddon and Adam on the floor. Solomon examines the wounds and comes to a conclusion.

Solomon:“He’s wounded and if its not treated, he will die, so I must heal him.”

Before he can heal him, they feel the ground shaking and realize what’s happening.

David:“Well, if we don’t get out of here, this whole palace or castle will crush us harder than a giant demon’s fist.”

Solomon gives a nod of agreement and together they carry Adam as fast as they can while Abaddon’s castle is collapsing. They almost get crushed by falling pieces of the castle, but they manage to avoid them and they find the room where they first entered and they see their exit. Before they could go anywhere near the exit, a piece of debris has landed in front of them and many more surrounded them. From the outside, the castle completely collapsed and apparently nothing survived the destruction. However, three figures are seen coming outside of the smoke and they happen to be Solomon and David, carrying Adam outside the now destroyed castle.

They go into the portal and they find themselves outside of the crater, where the two heroes put their wounded friend. Solomon immediately got to work on healing him, having faith in his friend who nears the door to death. His hands glowed as he tries to save Adam’s life with little progress while David looks with fear and worry for his best friend. He mutters to himself:

David:“Come on Adam, you can make it, no, you HAVE to make it because I believe in you.”

David walks closer to his comatose friend and speaks to him.

David:“Do you remember when we first met? You were helping the cooks at Sweet Miracles and on that evening, you saw me steal a piece of bread. I ran and you gave chase, like a cat and a mouse, trying to pin me down, but I turned and ran in another direction to avoid capture, but you caught me anyway. I was cornered and had no way out so I held out the piece of bread to you, but you refused and when I asked why, you told me I have the rights to a home and food so you took me in as a roommate and since then, we became the best of friends throughout our childhood together.”

David pauses for a moment, trying to fight off tears that are trying to come out. Then, he continues with his next words:

David:“Remember that time when you tried to ask a girl out to a date? Yeah, didn’t go well for you, but at least we know her name is Eve. I helped get you out of the dumper, just like how you cared for me when I had a broken leg. That shows just how we swear loyalty to each other’s backs and it shall last for many years and beyond. Just please wake up, I don’t want to be alone in a world without you…please…c-come back.”

He could take it no more and tears start to fall to the ground as his emotions overwhelm him. Solomon’s hands stop glowing and the wise elder waits, with a tear coming out of his right eye, for he also feels sadness and unsure of what else to do other than wait for the outcome. Seconds pass and nothing happens as Adam remains still. Then, Solomon notices one of his fingers twitch and nudges David by the shoulders. David turns to look at Solomon and then at Adam, whose eyes opened and looked at his two allies.

Adam:“H-hey guys, I just had a long… nap.”

Upon hearing those words, Solomon puts up a simple smile while David has a much tearful smile. Before Adam could ask, David hugs him like a child does to a teddy bear. This hug lasts long as David cries while Solomon smiles at the two reunited friends. At last, David calmed down so he spoke.

David:“Thank the gods you are alive! I was worried that it would be the end for you!”

Adam:“So I am alive and breathing, but I could not have not it by my own.”

Solomon:“What do you mean young man?”

Adam:“During my nap, I had visions of my parents who guided me to the world of the living. I couldn’t have done it without their faith.”

Solomon:“Tells us, what are they like?”

Adam:“Well my father has blond hair and a heart of pride while my mother has hair that shined as bright as the sun and a compassionate heart like mine.”

Solomon:“It seems you got her compassion and his pride.”

Solomon looks at the sky and the other two follow his gaze only for them to notice that it’s red. The mood turned sour when Solomon continued.

Solomon:“Yet, it seems we are not done yet, for the sky is as red as blood.”

David:“What?! But wasn’t the big bad angel of destruction the source of all this?!”

Solomon:“It is not, I have just received a message from the gods telling me that the rulers of the demon race are back to conquer the human world.”

Unknown:“Right you are old fool!”

The moment they hear an evil voice, a humanoid figure appears in front of them. The figure appears to be a slender being with red skin, yellow eyes, a triangle shaped head, black hair and claws as dark as ravens, a red pointy tail and sports a wicked grin. The evil being walks towards them with arrogance and looks at the heroes like they are nothing.

Unknown:”I am Satan, ruler of the demons that control this land and I will soon rule the pathetic human race along with my co-rulers!”

Satan releases an evil, disturbing laughter that sends chills on any human’s bones and he walks towards Adam, stopping right in front of him.

Satan:“So, you must be Adam, the new hero of light? Please, like you have any hope of defeating me. I will crush you and your friends so that none stand in my way.”

None of them give a reply, but they only respond with glares as Satan continues.

Satan:”Anyways, I won’t waste any more time with you weaklings as I got a land to conquer and I will not let any human or angel ruin my plans!”

David rushed to tackle him, but he couldn’t touch him as he passed through him and Satan vanishes from view.

Solomon:“It appears that he was not truly here, just an illusion.”

Adam:“What do we do now?”

Solomon:“We’ll need help if we are gonna stop Satan and his armies from twisting our home. Shall we go?

Adam and David nod in agreement and the trio walks to an unknown destination, determined to save mankind.


Mr. O Time!

Hey everyone, sorry that it took so long to finish this and yes, this is the first part. I decided to end the part here because I felt like this was a long story and I started this on the past holy week. One day, I was reading stuff about an anime show that took place in a food themed world and from there, I got the idea for a religion themed world. This is NOT a retelling of the Bible stories or verses, as this is a whole different story of my own creation filled with references to those verses on the Bible and the characters are named after certain figures. For this, I researched the stories featured on the Bible and I used those to name the characters, places and objects and I know I cannot please everybody, but I like to add that I DO NOT have any intention of offending any religion at all.

So yeah, you can see that I drew the story on March 26, 2016 and now I’m going back to the 2015 stories. That is all from yours truly, Mr.O and also feel free to ask questions.

And now I feel good as a golden light surrounds me.

Father’s Day 2018

Mr.O:”Hey everyone! This Sunday is gonna be Father’s Day, so I decided to celebrate it by making a drawing which is that one above. That is my way of celebrating this event even though I don’t have a father anymore. This is not just for me, but it is for every soul in the world. That is it for today.”

Unknown:”Hey son.”

Startled, I turn to look at the source of the voice who spoke those two words. When I find no one, I start to feel afraid as I do not know who said that and I can’t even see the person.

Mr.O:“W-who’s there?! show yourself!”

The moment I said those words, an astral being showed up and it looks like a man, so it is a he. The man appears to wear black jeans, a shirt with square buttons, a jacket that looks like those of Indiana Jones and glasses. For physical or rather astral features, he has black hair, a beard and yellow eyes that are not human. Did I forget to mention he is a blue ghost? yep, that’s a ghost alright. Upon remembering a picture I have seen before, I calmed down, as this ghost is my dad.

Mr.O:“Well, hello Edwin AKA dad.”

Edwin:“Hello Owen, long time no see. How are you?”

Mr.O:“I’m good so far. How are you?”

Edwin:“I’m also good and proud of all the amazing things you did, especially those martial arts tournaments you have been into. You have grown so much since the last time I saw you as a baby, though it saddens me that I couldn’t be physically there for you as you grew.”

Mr.O:“Aw, stop it, You didn’t know what was going to happen to you, but you are always with me and the family in our memories and hearts.”

Edwin:“Still, I didn’t even get to meet your sister in life when she was born. She’s so different from you and yet, you two get along.”

Mr.O:“Yeah, we are well mannered, though she mostly has fun with her friends while I stick to myself most of the time, well usually.”

Edwin lets a small chuckle while I think of some questions to ask him. Then, two questions hit my mind and I ask him.

Mr.O:“Hey dad, I uh got two questions to ask. One: Where are you when I don’t see you and two: Do you have any advice for me in life?”

Edwin:“Okay, for the first question I can’t answer that because I am not allowed to tell you anything about the plane of existence I am in and second, work hard if you want to achieve your dreams, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and always move towards a brighter future. Also don’t make your mother mad and socialize more because I will not have a hermit in the family and also… DO NOT BECOME A STAR WARS HATER!”

I just couldn’t help laughing at the parts about mother and Star Wars and after I calm down from my laughter, I reply.

Mr.O:“Okay, will do. Also, have you heard that there is a Star Wars movie name Solo?

Edwin’s ghostly face turned into a face showing excitement and I think he looks like a little kid with that face.

Edwin:“Yeah! I have yet to actually see it and I would like to know his early adventures.”

Mr.O:“If you can, would you watch it with me?”


They share a moment of laughter and bonding they didn’t have in a long time and they spend the rest of the day catching up on their times.


Mr. O: An Unexpected Visitor

On a big house lives a boy with blue long pants, blue jacket, white t-shirt, blue mask and a blue hat. That is me, Mr. O, and I am currently watching videos on the internet. I am watching funny videos and top 10s, expecting this day to be like any other. Suddenly, I hear a voice speak to me.

Unknown:“You must be the one who is called Mr. O, am I right?”

Startled, I fall from my chair and quickly get up, looking for whoever spoke to me.

Mr.O:“Who are you and where are you?!”

Unknown:“It does not matter who I am and you can’t see me because I have no form. I am everywhere and I am here because I have seen you get distracted and write so little for a long time”.

Mr.O:‘what is he, a powerful being?’

Unknown:“I may be considered powerful, but I am a guide who moves all to bright paths and peace”.

Surprised at the voice’s mind reading, I snap out of it and speak.

Mr.O:“But not everyone went on to their “bright” futures, for some have done terrible things until the end”.

Unknown:“I may guide them to their paths, but only they can choose their future, but that is not why I am here. I’m here to warn you that if you give up writing, your future won’t be bright”.

Mr.O:“Oh no! Whatever it is that will happen, I promise to continue writing until my last breath”.

Unknown:“Good, now continue writing your current story and more. That is all”.

Mr.O:“Uh, hello, are you still here?”

I take a moment of silence and I do not receive an answer.

Mr.O:“Ok, must be some kind of  hallucination, but I will still continue to write”.

And from that moment, I set on to continue his story.



Hey, everyone! Sorry that I’m taking long to publish another story, I have been distracted by teenage stuff and that is why I received a visit from this voice, to get me to continue writing. Ok, gonna continue writing The Sword of Truth before I get another entity talking to me.

Mother’s Day 2018


Hey readers, this is me, Mr. O and here I put this drawing I did today to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is, of course, a gift for my mother as she has been so kind, funny and crazy. As you can see there, there’s a big heart with a winged woman with flowing green and orange hair. There’s also my real name next to the heart and under that is my mother’s name.

Oh yeah, I’m still writing a story called The Sword of Truth, but I’m taking long due to being distracted or occupied by four things: School work(I have one left!), sports practice, having to share the internet with my sister and teenage stuff like videos on YouTube and online games. After all, I’m still a teenage boy and also a human

That is all and may you all have a lovely mother’s day!