Mother’s Day 2018


Hey readers, this is me, Mr. O and here I put this drawing I did today to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is, of course, a gift for my mother as she has been so kind, funny and crazy. As you can see there, there’s a big heart with a winged woman with flowing green and orange hair. There’s also my real name next to the heart and under that is my mother’s name.

Oh yeah, I’m still writing a story called The Sword of Truth, but I’m taking long due to being distracted or occupied by four things: School work(I have one left!), sports practice, having to share the internet with my sister and teenage stuff like videos on YouTube and online games. After all, I’m still a teenage boy and also a human

That is all and may you all have a lovely mother’s day!


Mother’s Day 2018


Hey readers, this is me, Mr. O and here I put this drawing I did today to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is, of course, a gift for my mother as she has been so kind, funny and crazy. As you can see there, there’s a big heart with a winged woman with flowing green and orange hair. There’s also my real name next to the heart and under that is my mother’s name.

Oh yeah, I’m still writing a story called The Sword of Truth, but I’m taking long due to being distracted or occupied by four things: School work(I have one left!), sports practice, having to share the internet with my sister and teenage stuff like videos on YouTube and online games. After all, I’m still a teenage boy and also a human

That is all and may you all have a lovely mother’s day!

Amazing Adventures: Month of April


April, the month of  awareness and bunnies, is special for those who celebrate its holidays and do so with their friends and family. There are instances when people celebrate their own traditions too and give it meaning. This is the case with Rosallia, who calls her friends and fellow Puerto Rican Knights to come to her home. It is unknown why, for she keeps it a secret until the time came for her to tell. It didn’t take long for them to arrive and they knock on the door which Rosallia answers and lets them in.

Rosallia:“Hey guys, wonderful day isn’t it?”

Miguel:“Yes, it is, but why are we called here? Not that I mind, of course”.

Rosallia:“Well, since this is April, I would like to celebrate a special kind of party and I invite you all to join”.

Manuel:“Que bueno! What kind of party is it?”

Rosallia:“Well, it’s a party that mixes this month’s events such as autism awareness, siblings day and Easter Monday”.

Owen:“Wow, that sounds awesome”.

Chamaella:“I would love to celebrate it”.

Rosallia:“Ok, first we begin by writing or drawing something for your sibling or parents if you don’t have any”.

The group of friends start making gifts for their siblings or parents. Owen draws a blocky cat with a horn for his younger sister, Chamaella writes a romance poem for her parents, Manuel makes a drawing of a muscular Okro lifting a giant rock with the words ‘For Mother and Father’, Miguel’s drawing depicts a superhero in red and white spandex standing over a defeated bad guy and at last, Rosallia’s drawing features a short, colorful clown. After they finish their writing or drawings, they place it in where they can carry them and Rosallia speaks of the next activity.

Rosallia:“Alright everyone! Next up is guessing which animal, where I take out a card and you have to guess which animal is in the card!”

Chamaella:“That sounds like fun”.

Owen:“Gonna agree with you there”.

The knights sit around the living room, taking guesses on the animals that Rosallia has on the cards that she picks. They have their correct guesses on some animals, but they also have their losses, with Manuel and Miguel being unable to get any victories. Despite all this, they all laugh together like best friends and  they tell jokes to one another. They take a break for a moment and Rosallia went to her room, much to the other’s confusion and wonder. This didn’t take long, as their friend came back with plain eggs and paint.

Rosallia:“Now, with this paint and these eggs, we are gonna paint them and decorate them”.

Owen:“Oh, I like this activity!”

Chamaella:“Me too”.

Miguel:“Me three”.

Manuel:“Sounds fun to me”.

Rosallia puts the eggs and paint buckets in the large, wooden table and everyone starts painting. After some time of painting, everyone finished and presents their eggs. Miguel’s eggs are dark blue and crimson red while Owen’s are also dark blue and purple. Rosallia’s eggs are baker-miller pink and Bangladesh green, with Manuel’s eggs being auburn and aqua. Chamaella was the last to present her eggs, which are Banana yellow and bitter lime.

After these activities, Rosallia’s mother calls out to them.

Rosallia’s Mother:“Dinner’s ready!”

Upon hearing this, they go to the dining room, which has a large wooden table and its walls have flags of Puerto Rico and its coat of arms. Everyone takes a seat and wait for Rosallia and her mother to serve them food. Everyone eats dinner and have fun, talking to each other.

Manuel:“Man, this is great food!”

Miguel:“Can’t argue with that, the food is amazing mam”.

Rosallia’s Mother:“I’m glad to hear that, but you can drop the formality by calling me Rosa”.

After  some moments of dinner, Rosallia speaks.

Rosallia:“Hey, want to see something special?”

They nod in agreement and they follow her to a backyard with tons of grass, two chairs and the special thing she wants to show them. They see a flag with lights surrounding it, blue background and a bunny head with the autism ribbon for a tie. They all look at it with awe and do so for  a bit longer until Rosallia asks them.

Rosallia:“Do you all like it?”


They continue into the night, celebrating this special occasion on the month of April.



Here’s the story that celebrates this month and I wrote it as my way of celebrating those events, of which I forgot about two of them. So yeah, I chose to combine three of April’s events in one story by having Rosallia host the party and the activities that they did. This is also NOT part of the main Amazing Adventures story.

That is all from your writer, Mister O and have a good MONTH of APRIL(get it?).

Autism Awareness 2018


Hey everybody! Here’s a drawing of mine here to celebrate the month of autism awareness. There are a lot of people in the world with such conditions and they could use some respect and help in their lives and this is my way of celebrating the month.

Oh yeah, I’m also currently working on the first volume or season of Amazing Adventures. The first volume features the Puerto Rican Knights having different kinds of adventures and they will face a bigger, darker conflict later on. The main stories of Amazing Adventures that I posted so far are part of the Adventure Saga and there will be many more before going to another saga. I’m also working on another story,but it is not on the same universe as the AA series.

I’ll be there if you have any questions.

Good day.

Amazing Adventures Volume 1, Chapter 8: The Dream Mask


At night, by 2:00 AM, everyone is asleep. Each momentarily leaving their physical world so that their consciousness can go to another world  which shifts to accommodate their ambitions and goals. This world is called the Dream World, a world where dreams are alive. One such person currently asleep is Miguel as he dreams of  a much safer world, with people walking the streets safely. Then, the Voice is heard.

Voice:“Miguel, I take that you and your friends had a wonderful time in the States?”

Miguel:“Yes, our time there was great, were you watching us the whole time?”

Voice:“I have and I did not interfere because I believed in your capabilities and teamwork.” 

Miguel:“I thank you for your faith in us.”

Voice:“I would like to continue this conversation, but there is something I need to warn you about.”

Miguel:“What is it?”

Voice:“The dream world is in danger, for it will be invaded by the Nightmare King and his darkest creations, the Nightmare Demons. The Dream King and the Dream Spirits need additional aid and for this reason, I bring you and your allies into this part of the Dream World.”

Then Miguel is brought to a different location in the Dream World, a world that appeared to be bright with pink clouds, with cartoony stores and houses. Then, Miguel sees his friends and fellow Puerto Rican Knights being brought to the same place. They take a look at their surroundings and they see Miguel.

Manuel:“Miguel, it’s good to see you amigo!”

Rosallia:“Indeed it is good to see each other, but where are we?”

Miguel:“We are in another location of the Dream World.”

Manuel:“Dream World?”

Owen:“This is the world that our subconsciousness goes to when we sleep and I have to say it is quite amazing to see this, even if its our minds seeing this.”

Chamaella:“We must be lucid dreaming to be aware of being in this world, but how? I still have some caffeine in my physical body.”

Miguel:“We can continue discussing this later or when we fully wake up, but we have to go and help the Dream King.”

Rosallia:“Who’s the Dream King?”

Voice:“He is the fair ruler of this world and the Dream Spirits, who watches over the dreams of sleepers and has been watching for as long as the first living being dreamed. Also, for your information, I am using my powers to make you all aware of this world. But for now, we shall go to the king’s palace.”

Then they proceed, running forward to the Dream King’s palace and when they get there, they see little  dark beings which have the darkest cloaks they have ever seen, ghoulish hands and creepy faces. The knights guess that these beings don’t belong in this world.

Rosallia:“What are these things?”

Chamaella:“They are Nightmare Demons, malevolent beings who spread nightmares and feed on the sleeper’s dreams. I read about them when I was eight.”

Unknown:“You are correct about that dear sleeper.”

They turn, startled, to see a towering figure whose armor is red and yellow, carries a staff with a glowing orb and has a mask with a crimson horn. He introduces himself in a smooth tone.

Unknown:“My apologies for surprising you like that, I am the Dream King and you five are the only ones aware of this problem so I need your help in driving these ghastly fiends away.”

Miguel:“No worries we can do this!”

Dream King:“I like your spirit, but first let me show you something that the Voice says it will help you in this situation and I know this is true.”

Miguel:“You know the voice?”

Dream King:“Yes, the voice and I go way back since the beginning of  the universe. He once helped me on one of my battles against the Nightmare King.”

Owen:“Nightmare king?”

Dream King:“He is the wicked ruler of the neighboring Nightmare world, a place of fear where the only buildings that stand are ruins and the nightmarish castle in which he resides and rules the Nightmare Demons who feed on the sleeper’s dreams. Now, let us go to the artifact room, where I store objects of magic power.”

They walk around the palace, going from one hallway to another, until they see a huge door with the dream symbol and the Dream King opens it with his staff. When they enter, they see many strange artifacts, but in the center of it all lies an mandarin  mask with eye sockets shaped like diamonds or Marquise, downward arrow in its forehead and a single horn. The Dream King takes it out of its case.

Dream King:“This is the Dream Mask, an artifact of great power of which  can protect its user from Nightmare Demons. I made it after another one of my battles against him, when I realized that I can’t always beat him on my own and needed help, so I made it for the very first sleeper who became aware of this world to defend her from these vile creatures. Miguel, you shall have it for you are destined to be a great hero as told by the Voice.”

Miguel:“What do you mean? I still don’t know why we were chosen to be heroes.”

Voice:“When the time comes, I will tell you, but now is the time to send the Nightmare Demons back to their world.”

Miguel:“Right, let’s go!”

Manuel:“About time we kicked some Nightmare butts!”


Owen:“Roger that!”

Chamaella:“Loud and clear!”

They exit the Dream palace and move towards the Nightmare world, fighting off  the foul demons who dare stand in their way. On their way to the other side, they see a long, violet bridge with columns of bright lights which is a gateway to the Nightmare world and back. They cross the bridge and as they get closer to the other side, the pink and smooth sky turns dark and gloomy. When they arrive at the center of this spooky kingdom and the Nightmare Demons spot them and attack them. They are easily disposed and the heroes finally find themselves in front of the palace of this world,which has cracks, dark flags depicting the king of this dark world, castle moats with dark water and embrasures. They enter after the drawbridge lowered down so they can enter.

They find themselves in the center of the throne room, where they see the Nightmare King himself waiting for them. He gets up from his throne and starts speaking.

NK:“Well, if it isn’t the Dream King and I see you have brought weaklings to hide behind. I wonder how long has it been since the last time you brought sleepers here. For what reason are you and your posse here?”

DK:“You know why we are here, call off your demons.”

NK:“Why would I do that? It’s so fun to see them wreck your kingdom and feast on the sleeper’s dreams, turning them into images of my making.”

DK:“Call them off NOW or else.”

NK:“I choose ‘or else’.”

Then both sides begin to fight for the fate of dreamers everywhere. Rosallia dodges the dark arrows cast by the Nightmare King while also being chased by his soldiers and just out of curiosity, thinks of having bulls ram into the demons. To her awe, bulls really appear and rams into her attackers, turning them to smoke.

Rosallia:“Amazing, the bulls I have thought of appeared!”

DK:“That is because in the Dream world, you can summon constructs that  are from your dreams.”

Manuel:“So it means we can only bring constructs that are associated with our dream?”

DK:“Yes, as long as your consciousness is in the Dream or Nightmare world, not in the physical world.” 

The heroes start thinking of their dreams and summon constructs to defeat their foes. Manuel summons gold boxing gloves which say ‘Titan’ and punches them into nothing while Rosallia brings forth rhinos and they ram her opponents. Chamaella thought of drowning her persistent enemies in water and it happened. Owen brings out a giant pencil and surfs it up, turning those foul demons into nothing after being introduced to the giant pencil and last but not least, Miguel summons an army of light warriors and orders them to attack the Nightmare King and his minions. While his army attacks the Nightmare army, he looks at his friends, who all had been hit at some point in their battle and got minor injuries and scratches except him.

Miguel(thoughts):“Everybody has gotten hit in one way or another, but I am completely fine. It must be the mask that has protected me from them. Hopefully my soldiers provided help to the Dream King.”

But he was wrong, for the Nightmare King easily destroyed the light warriors and landed heavy hits at his long time opposite, injuring him. Seeing this, Miguel decides to act now and goes to help the ruler of dreams, only for more of those fiendish monsters to block his path. Miguel had no trouble, for he shot a light beam which takes care of the problem, and went on to face the ruler of nightmares himself.

NK:“Well, if it ain’t  one of Dreamy’s pets coming to face me?”

Miguel:“Stop this at once!”

NK:“Heh, as if a mortal like you can defeat me, the ruler of the Nightmare world? Don’t make me laugh!”

Miguel:“Says the guy who was defeated by a sleeper before.”

The Nightmare King scowls at this.

NK:“You just sealed your fate, mortal.”

Nightmare King starts by shooting mystical nightmare beams while Miguel runs and dodges them. He returns the favor by shooting light beams and summons more light warriors to help him. The light warriors rush in to attack him, but NK was able to destroy them and grab Miguel only throw him into a wall, hurting him. He slowly gets up as NK taunts him.

NK:“This is bearer of the Dream Mask? He couldn’t even hurt me at all!”HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Then, Miguel thinks of his friends and all the sleepers.

Miguel(thoughts):“He’s too strong, but I can’t give up, not when my friends and all the dreamers count on me!”

As Miguel thinks of this, the Dream Mask starts to glow and envelops him in a blinding light, making everyone cover their eyes. The light fades and everyone sees Miguel with the Dream Mask glowing and they also see him carrying a bright,thin and large sword.

Miguel:“This is it Nightmare King, this mask and sword carries the power of every living dreamer. This power is stronger than your nightmares and shall always be greater than yours. This is the very power that will defeat you and as long as We are around, everyone will have dreams!”


Miguel’s dream sword casts a large, colorful and bright beam that is bigger than the Nightmare King himself, making the dark ruler scream in panic and pain.


The last of his screaming is gone as whatever remains of him disappears. After that, the Dream sword is gone and Miguel reverted to his normal state. He takes off the mask and hands it over to its original owner.

Miguel:“I believe this is yours.”

The Dream King takes the mask.

DK:”Thank you Miguel, you and your friends have saved my kingdom.”

Miguel:“And we thank you for your aid too.”

Manuel:“Aw, it was no problem that we couldn’t solve, right amigos?

Owen:“Yeah, if you guys were down, Rosallia and I would have taken much longer to be down.”

Rosallia:“At least that didn’t come to pass.”

Chamaella:“We were most fortunate to have the Dream Mask with our friend and leader in this fight.”

Voice:“You were most fortunate indeed, for the Dream World is safe thanks to you heroes.”

Miguel:“And we thank you for using your power to keep us aware of all this.”

Owen:“I guess we are done here right?”

DK:“Yes, you are done here and now its time to send you all to your dreams, but before that, I vow to remember you all forever.”

Voice:“Now, you all will be back to your respective dreams.”

Miguel:“Ok, send us back and maybe next time we will be here again.”

DK:“I certainly hope so.”

Miguel:“Alright guys, see you in the waking world.”


And so, they are sent back into their dreams. When morning arrived, Miguel opened his eyes, ready for a new day.




Wow, that was quite a long chapter there! Here are two things I wanna say here:

When Chamaella mentions “lucid dreaming” at  the moment that the Puerto Rican Knights gathered in the Dream World, it is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming and second, the Dream and Nightmare worlds are two worlds connected by the bridge that the heroes crossed. The Dream world is designated as world 134 and the Nightmare world’s is world 135.

I also forgot to physically describe the Nightmare King. He is as tall as his antithesis(opposite), has purple and black armor, purple belt, carries his own staff which is surrounded by darkness and his mask two spikes on each side, a downward arrow on his forehead and has the face of a creepy spook.

The drawing for this story was made back in September 7, 2015.

That is all from me, Mister O!

Have a sweet DREAM.







Day of PI 2018


Hey readers! Today is the day of PI and I decided to celebrate it by making this drawing. Pi is the symbol  in mathematics to represent a constant, which is 3.12159. This has been part of our knowledge for a very long time, but it was physicist Larry Shaw who organized the first Pi celebration. He may have died, but the celebrations of Pi will live on.

Also, does anyone want a PI?

Amazing Adventures Volume 1 Chapter 7: The American Trip


Note: This is a series of  stories and those that feature Miguel and friends are part of the Volume 1 story.

1.  On Board to NY

It is a great day for Miguel and his friends who are invited because they are going to see a lot of awesome things in New York. After a long ride on a airplane, they arrive at New York. After getting a room or two at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, they walked around the city, taking in the sight of many stores and restaurants. For a while everything was good, until they see rampaging, green monster attacking buildings and innocents. After a moment of shock, they donned masks made by Rosallia to hide their identities in public places like NY and went on to battle the monsters.

The monsters spot them and do battle with the heroes. Miguel avoids a punch from a monster, and slashes at it, giving it a big wound. Manuel was at first outmatched in strength, but his sheer will gave him the victory.  Owen and Rosallia were struggling against two of the monsters, but with their brains and teamwork, they made the two monsters crash into each other headfirst, knocking them out. All the other knights went to help Chamaella and surround the last monster. With all the Puerto Rican Knights attacking at once, the monster stood no chance and was defeated.

With the monsters defeated and weakened, they escape into an alley to take off their masks while the authorities handle the monsters. When Manuel asks if they want to go to Time Square, they all agree and set off.


2. Guardian of The Homeless

Seattle, a seaport city on the west coast of the United States patient and calm minds live. People rush to work everyday, kids play around in parks and people live well in their homes, but not everyone has that luxury. There are lots of homeless humans and humanoids in Seattle, especially in Cherry Street. Every day they try to survive, trying to earn money, only to not get enough money. Then, a magical being that takes the appearance of a young boy appears ands brings them food so they can eat. They ask the boy where did he come from. The boy begins his story.

The story begins in an unknown island, filled with green forests, crystal clear water and life. Life inhabits this island, raging from mermaids of the waters, fairies in the forests, dinosaurs in the grasslands and more. Then, there was a boy who could fly and perform amazing tricks, and they call him Dansagar, which means Ocean of generosity. He lived with them, played with them, helped them and protected them from danger. One danger in particular is the fearsome hunter named Yellow Hunter. Ever since he first appeared, he was always set on conquering the island, but was foiled by Dansagar everytime. In one time, he kidnapped an explorer to hold hostage and some fairies so that he could use their magic to fly and conquer, but he saw his foe and got his sword ready. When Dansagar got close enough, a swordfight began. Yellow Hunter may be a good swordsman, but Dansagar’s quick thinking and tricks gave him the victory. It was after freeing the explorer and the fairies that he got curious about the outside world and set off to explore.

Back in Cherry Street, Dansagar concludes his story of where he came from and the homeless loved the story. They knew that he will also protect the poor.


3. The Bigfoot Tribe

At Seattle, the Puerto Rican Knights are walking around Discovery Park, one of Seattle’s parks, and admiring its beauty. Manuel reminds them of the good times they had in New York before he resumes looking at the nature of the park. Then Miguel spots a figure watching them from a tree and chases after it, with the others running after him. Despite their efforts, Miguel and Manuel couldn’t keep up with the figures agility, so  Owen and Rosallia used their agility to keep up while Chamaella camouflages herself from sight. After some time of keeping up with the figure, it stopped and so have the three Knights, examining the figure, who is tall,furry, and has big feet. Then they find out that the figure and its surrounding friends are a tribe of bigfoots. Miguel and Manuel catch up to them and they are invited by the bigfoot tribe. The tribe’s chief speaks in grunts and roars, so Owen translates it as the chief pleads for help as they are being hunted by humans and humanoids.

The Puerto Rican Knights agree to help and start developing a plan. After some time of thinking, Owen and Rosallia came up with a plan. They say that the hunters are near the tribe, so they are gonna trap the hunters with bolas and other traps made of bigfoot material.

Owen: “Miguel and I will cover the pits with leaves so they don’t suspect a thing and fall into the pit, classic trap.”

Rosallia:“Right, Chamaella, Manuel and I, as well as the bigfoot tribe, will throw the bolas at them and knock them out. After that, we destroy whatever evidence they have on our allies, everyone agree to this?”

At this plan, everyone agrees and get set to initiate their plan. After waiting for the hunters to arrive, the Puerto Rican Knights and the bigfoot tribe trap them, successfully stopping them from harming anymore innocents.

Miguel:“There, that should stop them from hunting anymore bigfoots,” now let us get rid of the evidence.”

After that, they go back to the bigfoot village and celebrate their victory by throwing parties, singing, playing music and telling stories. After the celebrations, the Knights say their goodbyes and go on a long walk back to their aparment in Seattle.

Manuel:” Man that was a good adventure,” trapping hunter butts!”

Miguel:” I got to agree with you Manuel,” but now it is time to go back.” Does anyone want pizza?”



4. Hero of Canada

In a country called Canada, people there live great lives due to its many benefits including a variety of seasons, low crime rate, good healthcare and hockey. Then, there are those who spend a lot of time in work, like one inventor named Alexander Snow or Alex for short. Alex became an inventor  sometime after graduating from Royal Roads University in British Columbia. He is trying to create a machine that cures all diseases, but has yet to succeed. One night, he is hard at work, making different drafts of his invention.

Alex: “So many attempts, but none have worked. All hope is not lost though, for I have another idea and I really hope it works.”

Then he set on working on this idea,but in the process of development, he noticed a flaw in the unfinished machine.

Alex: “Weird, there appears to be flaw in the machine. No worries, I can fix the circuits of this hunk of metal.”

And fix it he did, and after checking the machine three times, he felt ready to test the machine. He has only one problem: there was no willing test subject, so he decided that he himself will be the test subject as he actually has chest pain. It was not threatening, but he wants to be cured. Alex set the timer, and he went into the machine, but something unexpected happens.

Alex:“wh-what is happening?”something must be wrong with the machine’s circuitry!”


He screams as the light engulfs his entire body. After the light fades, Alex comes out of the machine and almost collapses to the door. He reaches out to grab something, but somehow a beam shoots out of his hand, surprising the inventor. He thinks about it, and after shooting another beam, he came to one big realization.

Alex:“The machine must have granted me the power to shoot beams of light!””This is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in my life!”

Then he accidentally destroys a table with a light beam.

Alex:“Oops, looks like I have to replace that.”

For several days, he practiced in the use of his powers,now making him capable of creating a lasso of light and light shields. He also dons a costume which has the colors of the Canadian flag and sets out to fight crime. Due to his heroic actions, the crime rate has lowered more and the people are praising their hero, who is known to them as Sir Canada. Then, on a peaceful day, an evil man appeared on television, declaring himself to be known as Bomb Man.

Bomb Man:“Hello people of Canada, I am here  a little deal: hand over the country to me or I will blow it up,” leaving it into ruins.”

Upon seeing the broadcast, Alex dons the identity of Sir Canada and flies to a place he figures Bomb Man would be at. He arrives to the location, which is an abandoned house far from the city, and finds his foe there. He sneaks around the house and when the time came, he blasted the bomb remote into ashes, surprising the master of bombs.

Bomb Man:“What?!””who is-its you, the hero known as Sir Canada!”

Sir Canada:“That’s right!””I am the guardian of this fair country and I shall stop you from blowing it up to smithereens!”

Bomb Man:“I will not be beaten by the likes of super losers like you!”

Bomb Man attempt hit Sir Canada with a strong fist, but the Canadian hero avoids the punch and lands three punches of his own, and he was about to throw his fourth punch, but the explosive villain grabs his hand and headbutts him away. They were going on a cycle of beatings and was ended with the guardian landing a punch to the jaw, knocking his foe out.

Sir Canada:“There, now to take out the bombs.”

Sir Canada checks deeper into the bombs and works around the wires. He finds the right wire and cuts it on each bomb, neutralizing them all. He returns to the city, carrying the unconscious Bomb Man, and declares his removal of the bombs. The public cheers and praise their hero as he flies away. The next day, he hears the news, describing how he saved Canada again.

Alex:“well, looks like I have saved the day again and with a bigger bang”.


5. Bear Forest

Miguel and friends are enjoying their trip in British Columbia, Canada. They are currently walking around a forest while armed with tools that can defend each other from bears and other predators. Then, Manuel sees three bears approaching him and shouts to the others.

Manuel“Hey amigos, there’s three bears here and they are getting closer!”

The others run to Manuel’s location, getting their equipment and  rushing to their friend’s defense. However, they were not prepared for what they see, nor was Manuel, as they see the bears shape-shift into humanoid forms that resemble humans in bear fur. Everyone stood still for a moment,with the Knights trying to comprehend what they have just seen. Then, the first to speak was Owen.

Owen:“Who are you three?”

???:“I am Ursa and these are my men, for we are from the Ursa Major tribe.”

Manuel:“So you are named after Ursa Major the constellation?”

Ursa:“I’m named after both and now we shall take you to our village, we need help and you seem to be the only options.”

Miguel:“Alright, lead the way.”

Ursa led the Puerto Rican Knights to her home village, where they see lots of bear people, where some are in human form and others are in their bear forms. They see two bear-folk wrestling each other, some of them doing combat training in both forms(humanoid and bear) and young bears raised by their elders. They see huts with bear tapestries and some depict the unity of the major and minor tribes. As they follow Ursa, they are receiving stares from the villagers and this continued until they arrive to the center of the village, where they take in the sight of bear totems and see an elder bear, a gray haired  bear, who must be the village chief. Then, the chief speaks.

???:“They are the ones to help us?”

Ursa:“Yes Mother Bear, they are the only hope left.”

The chief known as Mother Bear turns to the heroes.

Mother Bear:“Very well, as you have known, I am Mother Bear, chief of the bear tribes, and we are in dire need of help.””Our species is in danger because of hunters who kill our kind to near extinction.””We may be aggressive and untrusting  of outsiders, but we are out of options, so we turn to you for aid.”

Rosallia:“Wow, we know that bears are aggressive, no offense, but none of you deserve this fate.”

Owen:“Doesn’t this remind us of that conflict with the Bigfoot Tribe in  Seattle?”

Chamaella:“Yes, it seems the same is happening here with the bear tribes.”

Manuel:“Well what are we waiting for amigos?””let’s stop some more hunter butt.”

Miguel:“Alright, here’s the plan, Owen and Manuel will lure the hunters away while Chamella and Rosallia will take care of their vehicles so they don’t escape.”

Rosallia:“What about you?”

Miguel:“Me and Ursa will lead the bear folk to a safer forest so the hunters can never find them again, thus they stay on the species chart.”

Miguel turns to Ursa and Mother Bear.

Miguel:“Do you trust us?”

Mother Bear:“Yes, we do and may the spirit bears guide us.”

Miguel:“Alright everyone, let’s go!”

Then the time has come, when the hunters arrived to hunt the bear folk. They hear bear roars and go towards the roars, leaving only two hunters who are then knocked out by Rosallia and Chamaella, who proceed to render the vehicles useless. While all of this was happening, Miguel and Ursa led the bear folk to a safer place. After all is done, they reunite at the new village.

Mother Bear:“We thank you for your aid outsiders.”

Ursa:“The bear folk will always be in your debt.”

Miguel:“And we will always be happy to help.”

Manuel:“And don’t forget, kick some bad guy butt!”

Mother Bear:“Before you go, is there any way for us to repay you?”

Miguel:“All we ask is for eternal friendship and loyalty.”

Mother Bear:“Very well, may you fare well in your journeys.”

Miguel and his friends leave the new village and start walking towards the next transportation that would take them to their apartment in Canada. They eventually arrive to their destination and enter their room.

Owen:“I had a good time today, anyone agree?”

Manuel:“Yeah, that was awesome, heck, I even got a chance to roar and it was wild!”

Miguel:“I agree, we had some new and exciting experiences on this day.”

Owen:“At least we don’t walk around Bearfoot.”

Everyone except Miguel, who was laughing, groaned at the bear pun.

Owen:“Want to hear another pun?”




Wow, that was  a long story here or more specifically, a long series of stories here. Yeah, you will notice that the first and second stories didn’t have dialogue just like the previous stories. It was at the third story and the moment when they were discussing plans to drive away the hunters that I felt like adding dialogue. I intend to leave it like that so you can see the evolution of my writing.

Note: I started this(the drawings) in August 22, 2015 and finished it at 29 of the same month and year.

That is all and I hope you can Bear the long and American stories.