Amazing Adventures Chapter 5

Amazing Adventures Volume 1, Chapter 5:  Laughter and Joy!

It seemed as if all was well in this night. In one moment, they enter their Dreamscape and live out their dreams, but then, at the next moment, it all turns into a horrible nightmare. That is the case with these five teens, who each has their sweetest dreams become their worst nightmares. What could be the cause of such things? To answer that, it is not the question of WHAT caused it, but WHO is the cause. It happens to be none other than the master of fear, Somnum!

He is the entity who invades the dreams of these individuals with no signs of remorse. He watches on as his shadows torture his new victims in order to bring misery upon them. After all, nightmares are his favorite game.

As the teens are cornered by the shadows, they feel as though all hope is lost. Suddenly, Rosallia remembers the words told by her aunt.

Unknown:“Always remember, dear Rosa, that whenever something or someone pushes you down, stand up and push back!”

With these words coming back to her, she stands up and begins to calm down. As she gets calmer and more confident, the strings on her guitar get a reparation and alas, it’s good as new. With a fixed guitar, Rosallia begins to play. A serene and sweet melody comes out of the strings and this makes the mob calm down, much to Somnum’s dismay. Then, after some time of hearing this sweet tune, she begins to sing.

Rosallia:“~I, am here to fill the world with tears of joy. Wherever I’ll go, from one land to another, my presence radiates an aura of laughter and joy. Don’t cry, little boy, for I am here to make you smile, even in your darkest hour~”

As she sings, the crowd joins in and they cheer while drinking. Somnum tries so ruin it by summoning shadows, but he’s having a hard time doing so. At this point, he can do nothing except watch Rosallia sing her heart out.

Rosallia:“~Wherever I’ll go, from one land to another, my presence radiates an aura of laughter and joy. No matter how bleak and dark the world may be, we will stand together and make it bright! Only then shall your nightmares go away and never come back!~”

Frustrated, Somnum summons a door and goes to another nightmare, only to find them losing their power. As Rosallia sings, the other teens remember their strengths and start to stand against their nightmares.

Rosallia:“~Don’t cry, little boy, for I am here to make you smile, even in your darkest hour! Smile, boys and girls, ’cause nothing can keep us down for long! All together now, we can laugh in the face of the night!~”

Chamaella gains the strength to stand up and speak for the equality of all races, including her people.

Rosallia:“~Laugh in the face of the night!~”

Owen calms down and meditates, with the ghosts of the deceased rising from their graves and lending their hands on his shoulders. Then, he is equipped with gladiator armor and a sword as well as a shield.


Rosallia:“~Laugh in the face of the night!~”

Manuel thinks of all the good times and feels his strength growing. Seeing the shadow of his hated rival, his eyes glow and with a roar, frees himself so he can smash his way through the shadows.

Rosallia:“~Laugh in the face of the niiiiiiight!~”

In spite of his fear, Miguel puts on a face of determination and because of this, sparks of light begin to surround his body. Then, the Blade of Light appears in his hands and with it, takes charge against his nightmare.

Rosallia:“~Eeeeveryoneee, we will all be together and we shall smile toniiiiight and every niiiight. Every niiight, we shall feel the laughter and joy!~”

Her singing makes the saloon brighter and all traces of her nightmare are gone at this point. Meanwhile, the other teens are fighting their nightmares to the very best of their abilities. As Somnum goes through each of his new nightmares, he sees them evaporating and turning into things he hates the most. He sees crowds supporting Chamaella’s speech, Manuel punching the shadow of his cousin into nothing, Owen slicing through shadows like butter and Miguel vanquishing his nightmares with just the light from his sword.

Rosallia:“~Tonight is the moment to feel alive! For so long as you smile, nothing can bring us down! Tonight’s the moment to feel alive! Alive in your sweetest dreams! Toniiight and every niiight!~”

Before he can escape, Somnum notices Miguel coming towards him at fast speeds. Once up close, the Master of Nightmares is unable to react in time so the blade of light strikes his left arm. Screeching in pain and unable to summon a door in time, Somnum lets out a cry of war and sends an army of shadows towards his victim, shadows of varying sizes.

Rosallia:“~Tonight and every niiiight!~”

All the shadows are erased as the Blade of Light generates the brightest flash it can make. As the light dissipates, only Somnum remains and even he’s sporting some serious injuries. Rays of light can be seen on his arms, legs and face, bringing him to his knees as he feels agonizing pain.

Rosallia:“~Tonight and every niiiight!~”

Miguel walks towards his injured foe and points his blade at his face. Realizing his defeat, Somnum opens a door and walks away, nowhere to be seen for the rest of the night.

Rosallia:“~Tonight and every night, you’ll bring forth a bright flash of laughter and joy!~”

Miguel sees the sky change to its natural bright day tone. With this sight, he feels calm and crowds gather to cheer for their hero.

Rosallia:“~Of laughter and joy!~”

In Chamaella’s dream, all traces of racism are gone and people of all races live in harmony. This brings a smile to her face.

Rosallia:“~Of laughter and joy!~”

With all the shadows gone, Manuel stands in the middle of a ring, with all Okros chanting his name and his parents looking at their son with pride.

Rosallia:“~Of laughter and joyyyyy! Always be on your brightest moment, for no clouds of darkness can bring you down! Not tonight nor ever!~”

With the gray clouds dispersing, the sunny atmosphere returns and the graves disappear. The spirits float behind Owen as he feels like he’s in peace.

Rosallia:“~You’ll always be with a spirit of laughter and joy!~”

After seeing Somnum disappear, the Blade of Light vanishes from Miguel’s hand, but he feels no fear. After all, as long as they don’t have any fear, the five teens will have a bright future ahead of them.


Back in the living world, Chamaella wakes up from her dream and goes down stairs for breakfast. It consists of two apples, grapes and a rare fruit that’s exclusive to her hometown. With her food at the plate, she eats while searching through a book on myths. It is on this book that she finds a particular page, showing a lanky figure with dark skin, brown cloak, orange demon eyes and a straw hat. The title of the page is read as Somnum and she reads all the info on this figure.

Chamaella:“Somnum, Demon Master of Nightmares. A lanky figure with demon eyes and a straw hat who inhabits the dreams of people who sleep. He does so to turn them into nightmares and feed on their negative emotions. The way he brings nightmares is by summoning shadows, shape-shifting and with enough power, twisting the dreams themselves to suit his image. The only way he can be defeated is by not being afraid, for fear gives him strength. If there’s no fear, he loses his power.”

Giving the page a look of intrigue, Chamaella thinks to herself, recalling the dream.

Chamaella:‘huh, Master of Nightmares. Could this demon be the cause of last night’s nightmare? Can’t be. Could be a coincidence.’

With that in mind, she’s done with her food and closes the book. With her bag in hand, she opens the door and heads out to the outside world.

To be continued

The Legends

Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with probably the first of a new set of super heroes! I mean, who doesn’t love ’em? Well, those who like the villains more, that’s who. Or those who just love reality as it was prior to the pandemic. Anyway, I’ve been checking out some My Hero Academia related things, looking at a super hero RP(role-play) and seeing some concept art for Mega Man Legends! I’m telling you right now, it’s interesting stuff!
Based on all those, I decided to make my own set of super heroes, each with their own skills and awesome powers! Heck, you may even see some familiar faces while you’re at it! With that being said, here’s a story I came up with for this drawing.



In ages of the past, the apocalypse has arrived and claimed a majority of the human race. However, they stood firm and relied on their ability to adapt to their environment, thus ensuring their survival to a new world. Over time, mankind began to change and super powers emerged, marking a drastic change in life. By the time a distant century arrived, every humanoid being on Earth has powers called Cell-Stensions and with the arrival of Cell-Stensions came an increase to the profession of officers and guardians. However, while guardians increased in numbers, so did the number of villains who are often called Ravagers. Teams are set up across the world, but none is as well known as the world’s toughest Guardians, the team known as the Legends. They are the best of the best, well-known for astonishing feats that many can only dream to accomplish.

Wild Lion(Emily Thorn), a fierce warrior known for having a temper to match her appearance. Her Cell-Stention is Lion, giving her the appearance and attributes of a lion. She can do anything a lion can do and with her strength as well as agility, she single-handedly defeated a whole army of 2,000 Ravagers, many of which had durable armor or considerable strength!

Soda Popper(Eddich Jackson), the fresh guardian  who packs quite the drink! His Cell-Stention, Soda Rush, lets him increase his physical capabilities by drinking certain sodas! He is well remembered for providing support to the victims of the Might City Earthquake, a disaster that destroyed many buildings and took many lives. With a laid-back and joyful demeanor, he promotes peace across the land with his music and products. Just make sure he doesn’t drink an excessive amount of soda, otherwise it would damage his body.

Satsquatch(Carl Power), the man with big feet. His Cell-Stention, Big Foot, lets him jump higher than your average man and create mini craters with the impact of his humongous feet. Thanks to his power and his strength, he stopped just about all forms of car chases by jumping onto enemy vehicles without taking any lives and saved people from falling boulders during a landslide. He may be gruff, but he certainly has the spirit of a hero and cares deeply for both humanoids and wild life. Side note, Carl’s arms are not as strong as his feet, as they keep him anchored to the ground.

The Rock(Dwayne Johnson), the solid muscle of the team. His Cell-Stention lets him cover his arms and legs with a tough rocky substance as well as make rock trails to surf on. He rose to fame when he fought and defeated a golem that was the size of a skyscraper. Many Guardians were present, but none could defeat nor restrain it until Johson came to the scene. This victory earned him the name Rock and over time, the world would know him as the hard-hitting Guardian who always has a smile on his face and one-liners to shout. As long as he has the stamina, he will fight on to the very end!

Pre Sensor(Ange Norry) is a talented fighter trained in a martial art that’s a mixture of Taekwondo and Okichitaw(an obscure martial art made by a Canadian). She’s even deadlier thanks to her Cell-Stention, Fast Mind, which lets her process images faster than the average humanoid. With these talents, she’s handled multiple bank robberies on her own before they could even get a chance to shoot her. She may be funny and caring most of the time, but in battle, she becomes serious and leaves no room for distractions. She’s gotta be careful not to fry her brain from overusing her Fast Mind and to mind her surroundings at all times.

Jetpack Mary(Mary Dorothea) is a wild one. She flies around the skies with her Cell-Stention called Jet, a mutation that gave her a jetpack that’s literally part of her body. With it, she earned the public’s attention when she flew towards a damaged airship and rescued everyone inside it. That feat and her habit of flying around in random directions earned her the name Jetpack Mary. As long as she’s got the fuel in her body, she can be seen flying around with a cocky smile on her face and performing some crazy tricks.

Sleepy Pillow(???) is a living mystery. Very little is known of this Guardian aside from his Cell-Stention named Sleep Smoke, which lets it emit smoke from the hands and charge objects with this substance. That’s how it managed to calm down a huge riot in Blue Whale. The way it does this is usually by charging pillows with Sleep Smoke and throwing them at their targets. Well those who are unfortunate enough to not have a helmet or anything covering their faces.

Spirit Dude(Matthew Santoro) is the definition of cool. He’s usually a happy, smart and overall relaxed guy to hang around, which is good considering his Cell-Stention. It’s called Inner Spirit and his emotions give him the strength to summon a spiritual being that protects him from harm, but that is when he feels positive emotions. When he feels negative emotions, his mind becomes clouded with a berserker rage and a demonic creature will try to possess him. However, he is also one of those rare cases where he gets a secondary mutation, one that lets gives him four arms. As the Spirit Dude, he’s known for a catching an elusive criminal who can shift between the three states of matter. Nowadays, he gives knowledge via a online channel and provides yoga classes to the masses.

Last up is Sharker(Jacob Subriare), a marine Guardian of Blue Whale.  As one can see, his Cell-Stention gives him the attributes of a Tiger Shark so he’s well-versed in underwater combat. That’s how he saved an entire cruiser from a gang of pirates led by a crabby Ravager. It was a tough fight, but Jacob’s sheer will, ferocity and quick thinking led to his victory and the safety of all the passengers. As long as he takes the fight to the water, he will be there to save the seas and the day!

Ye-eesh, that’s quite the line-up we got here! This story is basically what if My Hero Academia and Mega Man Legends met each other with an added touch of the real world. For the setting of the world, I took the post-apocaliptic Earth element while I have taken the superpower abundance trope from My Hero Academia. The word “power” has been used way too much so I came up with “Cell-Stention” as this Earth’s way of reffering to these mutations. It’s a slighty altered portmenteau of cell and extention, with the letter x being replaced with an s. There are also two familiar names in this description and why is that? It’s me pretty much asking: What if WE lived in this future century instead of the 21st?

Please feel free to let me know whether you want to see more sets of these heroes and if you want to see the villains(AKA Ravagers) of this world. Also, the Legends would be like the Avengers in terms of popularity, team work and recognition.

That is all from me, Mr.O and see you in the next world!

Chadwick Boseman


Hey guys and gals. Mr.O here and as many of you have known by now, we lost an African American icon. A man who was the Black Panther and so much more. That man’s name is Chadwick Boseman and he has passed away on August 28, 2020. When I first saw these tributes, I didn’t take them seriously until I saw articles about his death. What was his life like?

We shall see here.

Chadwick Aaron Boseman was born and raised in South Carolina, with his mother being a nurse while his dad worked at a textile factory. Boseman went to Washington DC, where he attended Howard University. During his time there, he studied fine arts which would prove to be useful later in his life. He moved to New York and over there, he started his career in acting, directing, writing and teaching.

Afterwards, he moved to Los Angeles, where he begun getting notable movie roles. He got roles in films like Robinson in 42, The Kill hole, Draft Day, Get on Up, Gods of Egypt and Captain America: Civil War, where he made his debut as Marvel’s king of Wakanda, Black Panther.

That role brought him the status of international star and he reprised his role in the titular Black Panther film, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. At the same time, he played a NYPD detective in 21 Bridges and was cast for a role on the Netflix show, Da 5 Bloods.

Outside of his acting career, he dated the singer Taylor Simone, who he married in secret, and congratulated Kamala Harris for her nomination as Vice President.

What a brave and good soul. He has accomplished many great things and got the role that he prayed for.

That is all from me, Mr.O and Wakanda Forever.

A New Spy



Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with a new idea. In my writing hobby, I mainly wrote the Amazing Adventures series(with a new chapter on the way) and the Spider-Warrior story, but now I would like to write a whole different story. Something different from the fantasy story that I’ve been working on.

So for today, I present to you a new idea. What if I wrote a spy story? One set in Puerto Rico and perhaps other islands? The idea for this came from watching playthroughs on Time Crisis games so that’s my inspiration. At the same time, though, I want to implement some elements from the 007 franchise.

For now, all I can say about this is the spy’s name is Gregory Vinisio and the symbol that you’re looking at is something that he keeps for luck and also a logo for a very important organization.

That is all from me, Mr.O and keep this as a top secret will ya?

Saintsier Map!


Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with an official map for Saintsier! I may not have mentioned it very often so listen up! Saintsier is a fictional land where I live my life and do my hero duties! It’s a piece of land mostly composed of forests, but it does have its own form of a civilization! There are buildings and landmarks to be seen so I’ll give you a tour of the land called Saintsier! I also got that name from a name generator so don’t question it.

Here are the locations:

1) Saintsier Square: Comparable to New York’s Time Square, this is the central town that’s constantly full of activity, what with Humanoids rushing to their workplaces or crowds going to hot spots like The Big Cheese or the Disco Bowl.

– A) The Big Cheese-This place is like the No. 1 pizzeria of the land, with its customers praising the fun activities, the short waiting time and more importantly, the taste of their finest pizza! It also has pools for billiards and arcades!

– B) Disco Bowl-It’s well-known for the assortment of music tracks that people can choose to listen to and dance! It has a big and wide dance floor to bust out the moves! Also has a room for bowling!

– C) Crystal Star-Saintsier’s top newspaper! Dedicated to finding out and reporting the truth of all manner of events, whether its the deeds of their savior or supernatural events!

– D) Saintsier Bank-The land’s one and only bank! The place where everyone goes to deposit or withdraw their currency! They can do the same for papers containing their ID and records of their voices.

2) Speedway Station: The fastest ground transportation, passengers go to this train station to get around from one are to another. There are multiple stations place near other parts of the land so they can go back and forth between these places.

3) Saintsier University: Well…it’s a university. It contains several centers or buildings, each housing different subjects. They teach the basic classes like math and english, science, technology, martial arts, nature, history and even mythology! The university also has dorms, as it is like a boarding school. the dorms are similar to those seen in My Hero Academia.

4) Draco Fructum Reserve: A reserve built in this part of the forest. It was made so Humanoids can protect the endangered Fruit Dragons from problems like deforestation and hunters. Those creatures are responsible for keeping fruits sweet and healthy as well as creating them! Here, the people help raise Fruit Dragon infants until they mature and they somehow manage to bond with those creatures.

5) The Gateway: The Gateway is the name given to a temple hidden deep in the forest. Very few people know of it’s existence and I am one of them. You readers and viewers seem to be the trustworthy type so I’ll tell ya. It has been said to have been built by an ancient civilization many centuries ago and apparently, it is said to be the true source of water for the whole land and possibly beyond. The only fact I can confirm right now is that the diamond in the middle gives power to this place and keeps it full of water. Should it be stolen, it will lose its power and we would be in serious trouble.

6) Popstar’s Home: A small neighborhood where my friend Popstar lives. He lives in this house that has two floors and aside from the basic rooms, he one full of movies and video game consoles as well as studio in the second floor, where you can see an A-shaped window. He likely built that as reference to the Avengers.

7) Blue Reef Harbor: Saintsier’s only harbor and it has about 5 ships made to transport objects and people across different lands. It’s named after the color of the reef near the harbor, which is quite literally blue and this was discovered back in 760 X. No idea how their calendars work so roll with it.

8) Main Town: Not really an original name, but it is indeed the main town where travelers first arrive once they enter Saintsier. It has a pool center where Humanoids go for a swim, a relaxing coffee shop where I drink their stuff and read newspapers and a lab where an eccentric inventor lives. Trust me, the gal’s wild.

9) Mr.O’s Castle: Home sweet home, this castle is my home. This is where I live and you better NOT bother me for interviews and stuff like that. Whenever I’m not busy protecting the people, I mostly chill at this fine castle. Wanna know more about this place? I talked about it before right here:…

That is all from me, Mr.O and welcome to Saintsier!

Mr. Shinx


Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with another drawing for today and this is another fusion! Unlike previous entries, this is a fusion of two artist avatars and unlike the others, I had to ask for permission to do this! What do I mean by that? I mean this is a fusion consisting of another Deviant artist so I had to ask that artist if he wanted to fuse with me like the characters from Dragon Ball and Steven Universe.

Mr.O + shinxboy= Mr. Shinx.

That’s right, I asked Shinxboy for this and he agreed so here it is, a fusion unlike any other. Let’s say that at some point, me and Shinx decided to do the fusion technique and succeeded. Mr. Shinx has Mr.O’s enhanced physical body and immortality as well as big arms while having Shinxboy’s colors, tail and electric powers. That or Mr. Shinx exists in a reality that combines both Mr.O’s and Shinxboy’s worlds. He does share the tendency to steal shoes and drink Pepsi cans while on hero duty!

that is all from me, Mr.O and I hope you love this piece Shinx!

Mr.O Cover


Hey guys and gals! Owen here to say that right now, I’m currently feeling better from my health issue. For those who haven’t read my latest journal, this problem began two days ago, when I woke up with a bad case of dizziness and began to throw up sometime later. It got to the point that I had to go to a hospital nearby and I went through a couple of medical tests. I’ve been bed-ridden for nearly a whole day, but the doctors said my body is okay though no medication was given. Sometime after coming back home, I got dizzy again, but as those two days passed, I’ve mostly recovered and now I can get back to doing things that I enjoy.

Now that I’m okay, here’s a drawing that I’ve been working on prior to my situation. After seeing the covers of two artists that I watch, I felt inspired to make my own cover so you guys can recognize me and this may also be a means to beginning a new chapter here on Deviant Art. In my opinion, this is by far the best cover image I could ever have for my profile, showing Mr.O’s world as well as my interest in writing. Yeah, that book shows my writer’s side, as I like to tell stories to my audience and the sword in the book belongs to one of my original stories.

The book is marked by a bookmarker that bears the colors of the flag from Puerto Rico, my home land. You can see Mr.O both on the castle and next to the book, but who are those dark souls next to him? Well, let’s just say that he has new friends that want to come out and show themselves to the world. You’ll be seeing one of them very soon.

That is all from me, Mr.O and for those who expressed concern over my condition, I give my thanks to you all.

Bros of The U.S.


Hey guys and gals! Yesterday, we had this event that celebrated the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Funny thing is that for quite some time, I’ve been talking to my mom about doing this idea and next thing you know, I’m late for it. As they all say, better late than never! For this drawing, I drew the presidents of America as seen in Mount Rushmore. Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, the faces of American history. Together, these are the Bros of the U.S.

Prior to doing this drawing, I’ve never seen this idea come to life before. Granted, I never tried looking this up so I’m pretty sure this isn’t an original idea, but I still wanted to do it. For my take, I drew the presidents as if they lived in our times. For Theodore, I gave him a dark brown vest, a yellow ascot and a grin, as reference to the cowboy persona that he was known for. In Abraham’s case, I remember hearing about him making funny jokes so why not make him a popular student, as shown by him spinning a basketball. For Thomas, I found that he was a proponent for Republicanism, Democracy and Civil Rights and something about that fact gave me the impression of him being an intellectual so I drew him as an intellectual as well as a writer. Then we have George Washington himself, who I gave a yellow long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. As the leader of the Bros, he gets the cool shades and I also made him look like a casual guy. I picked the colors based on an image of the first president.

That is all from me, Mr.O and I hope this was worth doing.

Amazing Adventures Chapter 4

Amazing Adventures Volume 1, Chapter 4: Darkest Nightmare.

(Warning! This is a story NOT suitable for children so if you’re a child or have one with you, look away! You have been warned!)

Julia De Burgo Park

After a fun conversation with Chamaella and a walk around Plaza Carolina with Owen, Miguel went back to Julia De Burgo Park to contemplate sometime around evening. Once there, he went to sit down in an area near an entrance  and thankfully, there are very few people walking around at this time of the day. Taking advantage of this fact, Miguel looks up at the sky and think of those recent events.

Miguel:‘Wow, so much has happened on these weeks. One day, I was a normal guy with a normal high school life and the next day, I have a magical weapon made to vanquish demons in my hands. I wasn’t alone, though. My friends were with me on that day. Friends that I made this year.’

Opening his school bag, Miguel takes out the Blade of Light and lands his gaze upon it. It is a reminder of all that happened in those last weeks. It also reminds him of a life that will soon be the new kind of normal.

Miguel:‘they held off the Shadow Demons as much as they could, but they needed my help and even then, I got tired afterwards. Dad…will I ever be good enough?’


Soon, the darkness of the night arrives and he knows that it is time for him to go home. He puts the sword into his bag, gets up and goes out of the park, walking to his dwelling place.

Airo Residence

Once home, Miguel goes to his room and puts away the school bag. He leaves the room for a moment to say hi to Iris, his mother, who was looking at the door where he entered from.

Miguel:“Hey mom, I’m home.”

Iris:“Miguel, where were you?”

Miguel:“Out with my friends and chilling at the park.”

Iris:“Stargazing again?”

Miguel:“Yeah, it’s a cool place to chill in.”

Iris:“I’m not surprised. Your father often went there to think.”

Miguel:“Wow, guess I inherit a lot from him. Anyway, I’m tired. Gonna go to sleep.”

Iris:“In those clothes?”

Miguel:“I’ll change tomorrow.”

After those words of “good night”, Miguel goes back to his room and simply falls to his bed. It only took a couple of seconds for Miguel to enter the dream land. At more or less the same time, his friends join him in the Dream Scape.

Dream Scape

Miguel’s Dream

In the plane of existence known as the Dream Scape, we can see Miguel’s dream. When arrives, he sees the town of Carolina, looking quite like the real deal except for some differences. There are flags planted around Paseo De Gigante Avenue and there’s a statue of a man in a knight’s armor, with the Blade of Light in hand. Realization hits him at that moment. It’s him, but older and well-known throughout the city. The people look at him and they cheer his name.


Miguel:“This is it. This is the life I want. The safety of the people and all the glory that comes with it.”

Then, it all goes dark and everything disappears. After a minute of looking around, Paseo De Gigante Avenue comes back, but it appears to be unsettling. There are demonic creatures surrounding the avenue, jeering and mocking him. Agonizing screams are heard and to this, Miguel feels fear and shock as he stands there, powerless to do anything. Most haunting of all is a statue of a creature in robes, a cloak and a broken straw hat! Its most frightening feature are its demonic orange eyes and they’re staring right at its victim with malice.

Due to fear, Miguel falls to the ground and quickly gets up to run away as his tormentors give chase. He runs from Paseo De Gigante Avenue through Sanches Osorio Avenue, until he stopped in front of the edge of the street. There’s literally nothing there, as though he’s in a floating island and seeing a red sky. He turns around to see the horde of monsters and the creature itself in the flesh, grinning maliciously.

Unknown:“Hello there, Miguel Airo.”

Rosallia’s Dream

In her dream, Rosallia arrives at a town in the Old West. She looks around, admiring the scenery and the people that she sees. She enters a saloon, where she sees lots of patrons playing cards, laughing at jokes and arm wrestling. Then, a guitar enters her peripheral vision so she grabs it, walks towards the stage and begins to play.

However, before she can get the chance to let out a word, she hits some strings that let out horrible sounds and she begins to feel nervous. Things get worse for her when the scene shifts to total darkness and she starts to receive tomatoes thrown at her as well as insults. Feeling alone and overwhelmed, she starts to cry and plead for it to stop, all while the same creature from Miguel’s dream watches on with a grin.

Unknown:“Welcome to my world. You shall fear the one and only, Somnum!”

Somnum lets out a maniacal laugh as Rosallia sobs in her own worst nightmare.

Manuel’s Dream

The second he falls asleep, Manuel arrives in the middle of a village. It is inhabited by people who look like him, having amber skin color, green eyes and horns. They live in this village full of houses made of stone and decorated with colorful symbols akin to hieroglyphs. They cheer for him and Manuel is hailed as a hero of the village, but that ends when everything goes dark and it is all replaced with a red sky and shadowy figures. They begin to boo and throw rocks at him, but as if that wasn’t enough, he sees two tall dark figures looking down on him.

Unknown:“We are disappointed in you Fort’am.”

Manuel recognizes that voice and begins to feel like he failed in a important task.


Unknown:“You have failed to protect this fair village from our neighboring enemy tribes and thanks to you, we’re low on resources.”

Manuel:“Wait! Father! I can-“

Unknown:“I hereby banish you to the Pit! Be gone!”

As the shadow figures drag a screaming and struggling Manuel to his fate, a bug can be seen standing on a rock and looking at the scene with glee. It has demonic eyes and teeth.

Owen’s Dream

On the very first seconds of arriving in the Dream Scape, Owen sees a city which would appear to be ordinary. He enters the city and walks around, seeing people do their every day tasks. What makes this town out of the ordinary is the amount of posters he sees everywhere, posters showing his face. They all show this one title:

“Nobel Science Awards 20??! Come and see the Awards winner of the year!”


He reads those posters and starts to get curious. At that moment, someone taps at his shoulder and he turns around to see who’s getting his attention. He sees a man dressed in a tuxedo, one used for award ceremonies and parties. He has  smooth black hair and a sunflower on his suit.

Owen:“Uh, may I help you?”

Unknown:“Actually, it is I who will help you.”

Owen:“Oh, with the Nobel Science Awards?”

Unknown:“That is correct, I will take you there and get you ready for this fantastic event. Before we go, my name is Sebastian and I am your driver.”

Owen:“Well, lead the way Sebastian. Can’t afford to be late, can we?”

With that being said, they make their way towards a luxury car and get in. With both in the car, Sebastian drives off to their destination. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a large building that bears resemblance to a theater.

Once inside, Owen goes to a restroom to change clothes. Out of that restroom comes a man sporting a black tuxedo with dark blue stripes and a red bow tie. With no hat, he looks like a different man, one who might catch a lady. Sebastian notices Owen’s elegant appearance and does not hesitate to compliment him.


Sebastian:“Quite the dashing look sir.”

Owen:“T-thank you Sebastian. Oh man, I’m kinda nervous here, like what if I make a fool out of myself? Or disappoint the great Salander Newton?”

Sebastion:“Sir, calm down. You will not disappoint anyone. Do remember to keep your chin up, believe in yourself and impress the crowd.”

Sebastian’s words have the desired effect, as Owen begins to calm down. Now he looks ready for the main event.

Owen:“You’re right. I gotta keep my chin up. Let us go grab our seats.”

Sebastian:“Of course.”

They proceed to the auditorium, where they take their seats and wait for the announcements. It doesn’t take long, as they suddenly start to speak.

Announcer:“Ladies and gentlemen! Today, we’re holding the Nobel Science Awards right here on this very stadium! Please take your seats, for we will find out who is the prime scientist of the year!”

Sebastian and Owen watch as many attending scientists are called to the stage and they give their own speeches. It was a bit long, but eventually, it was his turn.

Announcer:“And now, for the Prime Scientist of the year! The man who found a cure for Cancer! Owen Blues!!”

The crowd cheers as Owen gets up from his seat and makes his way to the stage. As he stands there, he feels anxiety, but relaxes and begins his speech.

Owen:“Thank you! Thank you everyone for all the support you have given me throughout the years! I may have been a simple, ordinary person with decent wealth like yours and uncertain of my life, but with patience, effort and support, I’m able to accomplish one of mankind’s goals. Finding the cure for Cancer! Truly, I’ve no words to describe how grateful I am for all you have done for me!”

As a response, Owen receives a lot of cheers and clapping, proving just how many loved those words. As the announcer and Owen have a conversation, a lone figure sits on a table that’s far from the others. He looks on with a demonic face, one that’s full of hate and malice. This is none other than Somnum, taking on a human form and ready to twist this dream. He does so with a flick of his wrist.

Back on the stage, the two men are still talking and then, the announcer asks him an important question.

Announcer:“So Owen, how does it feel? To lose everyone you love?”


The whole place shifts from a theater to a grassland on a cloudy day. This time, there’s no town in sight and he turns around to see a group of spirits whose faces are familiar to him.

Owen:“M-mother? Sis?! Guys?!”

He runs towards them, but by the time he closes the distance, they evaporate into nothing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he sees graves with the names of people he knows and tries to fight off the tears. Dear God, he does his best to remain calm, but he repeatedly punches the ground in anguish and anger. He hears laughter behind him and turns around to see who was enjoying his misery. It was Somnum himself and he appears to enjoy the pain that he inflicts on the young boy.

Somnum:“How does it feel? To lose everyone that you love? To see them all perish while you live on forever?”

Owen has heard enough from this monster. All form of thought is out of the window and with a cry as loud as thunder, he jumps towards his tormentor, only thinking of beating him till he breaks. His fist does go through him, but Somnum flashes a grin and disappears, leaving someone else in his place. That someone is Miguel and he too evaporates, sharing the fates of the deceased.


Owen:“Miguel! No! No! P-please d-on’t go! Don’t go!”

As he weeps and cries for his loved ones, Somnun sits on a rather unholy statue and looks on with no remorse at all.

Somnum:“Ha ha ha, this is wonderful! Now, time for my next victim!”

With this statement, the Master of Nightmares summons a door out of thin air and walks through it.

Chamaella’s Dream

Inside a tall building, several workers are getting ready for a big event. They have been so busy that they were startled and surprised by the presence of a very important figure. This is Chamaella herself and she’s ready to do her part of the event. After everything is double-checked, she heads out of the building, walking towards a podium. With all eyes on her, she takes her time and starts to speak.

Chamaella:“My fellow people of Puerto Rico, today, I stand in this very place, in this very moment to speak of the lack of equal rights that plagues my own race. For decades, the Homi’Talpa have suffered from physical and verbal cruelty at-“

Unknown:“And that’s what your stinking kind gets!”

She was interrupted by an unknown man who spoke such racist words and began to throw things at her. Soon, the whole crowd joins in and poor Chamaella is subject to having things thrown at her and jeers from people who want her gone.

“Be gone from our island!”

“You don’t belong here!”

“Lizard freak!”

Thanks to the peer pressure and the amount of hate directed toward her, she feels small and helpless as her bullies verbally torment her. This happens all while Somnun takes the form of a bird and stares at the chaos with glee.

Somnun:“Oh, you poor, itty, little lizard. You should crawl back to wherever you came from! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

To the Nightmare Monster, this is his best night, as all of his victims go through their worst nightmares. To the teens, it all appears to be real and their fighting chances seem to be slim.



It is not over yet.


To be continued.