Amazing Adventures: Formation of The Team Cover


Hello guys, today I have decided to share with you all the cover for what would be the Amazing Adventures reboot, or rewrite if you prefer, and this is the cover for the first chapter. It’s mostly the same story, but this time I’ve included dialogue and I am thinking that this first volume of the rewrite should be much closer to being chapters than the original series. Thing is that all these chapters of the original volume are more like separate stories, stories that are just outside of anything that has to do with the main story so in this rewrite, chapters like the Hour of Fear and the Kingdom of Canis will be told in future volumes as if they were sagas.

So below lies the link to the new version of the first story which I wrote in my Deviant Art account.


Link to the new story:Amazing Adventures 1: Formation of The Team


Amazing Adventures: The Sword of Light cover


Heyo friends, today I share with you the cover for Amazing Adventures Volume 1, chapter 2, The Sword of Light. True to the original story, it depicts the Sword of Light resting on the pedestal, glowing bright enough to lighten up the room its in and it is this sword that a boy named Miguel draws out to defeat the Shadow Demons.

This may also be the cover for a rewrite of the Amazing Adventures series and that’s it, that’s all I gotta say about it.

That is all from me, Mr.O and may the light flow in this world.


Link to the original story:Amazing Adventures Volume 1, chapter 2: The sword of Light

Time To Go

Hey everyone, it’s good to see you all again, but I have bad news for you readers: I quit. That’s right I quit because the passion I once had for writing has been fading and fading until I no longer feel like writing here and yeah, it has been fun writing stories and stuff, but I just don’t feel like doing it anymore. Not only that, but I am going through some problems with my life and they take too much of my time. It’s getting to the point that I feel so pressured that I gotta let my inner writer go somewhere else, hopefully to a better place. I know I didn’t say much, but that is all I can say for now.

Well, it has been great to have you guys read my stories, but now…

That is all from me, Mr.O and it’s time for me to go…










SIKE! Just kidding you all! Its April Fools day so that means you have been had. I am not gonna quit writing now, not when I’m still recent in this writing activity. So let me know how many of you thought that was real by dropping comments or likes or anything like that!

So really, that is all from me, Mr.O and I got you all tonight!



Hey everyone! Today, I wanna show you an artwork that shows you what I look like so here you see a Caucasian boy dressed in a blue jacket and a hat pretty much inspired by Mario’s hat. It is this post that you get to see my face.

Outside of that, I shall get back to work on the tenth chapter of Amazing Adventures at some point.

Not much else to say so that is all from me, Mr.O and have a good day.


Link to the artwork at Deviant Art:Mr.O

Mr.O in: St. Patrick’s Trouble


Hello everyone, I know I’m late for St. Patrick’s Day, but I felt like I wanted to draw the artwork above and share it. As you can see, this is a pretty great way to remember last Sunday, the day I was looking for a pot of gold in Ireland. Yeah, I took a plane there and it was a LONG flight, but it was worth it, for I finally arrived at my destination. Dressed in green, I walked around the town, asking people there about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care, I had a pot to get.

I went into a forest to look for it and I gotta say, its a big one so of course it was a long search, not as long as that flight though. For most of the search, I saw nothing except trees, rabbits and even a unicorn at one point. After quite some time of searching, I found it, I found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I didn’t see anyone around so YOINK, I took it and found my way home. I placed the pot in my bedroom and contemplated whether to just keep it as a trophy or use it to buy things. It appeared that I brought stowaways ’cause I was confronted by two angry leprechauns who pretty much want their gold back after they beat the snot out of me.

I was not having it so I threw some gold to distract them as I made a run for it, trying to come up with a plan to get them out of my house. I was hiding in a closet and took my sweet time waiting for them to split up. They did separate so it was easy for me knock them out and tie them up. I had to make the choice to ship both the leprechauns and the pot so they don’t come after me again. So much for all that gold, but at least I had quite the adventure and I didn’t get beaten. That, ladies and gentlemen, was all that happened on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Whew, quite a memory. That is all from me, Mr.O and beware of what you take.

Web of Rogues


Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you’re good ’cause here I share more of Spider-Warrior’s world, introducing the Web of Rogues, a collection of villains who will battle our hero numerous times. For Spider-Man fans, you may be familiar with some of these faces, but don’t know the others so I’m gonna go ahead and describe them.

Alright, here are the villains of Earth-TRN738:


Shocker(lower right): Herman Schultz was your average boy living in New York until he was orphaned at a young age when his parents died in a fire. He tried to make a living, but he failed to get stable work and was bullied and betrayed over the years by his “friends”. He’s good with machines and graduated at the University of Chicago with a master degree. He worked at an engineering company until he was fired and on that day, he turned to a life of crime. He was arrested many times and in one of those jail times, he was sent to jail workshop, where he built his signature vibration gauntlets and a suit to protect him from the vibrations. With his gauntlets and suit, he broke out of prison and became the Shocker!


Sandman(at the very bottom of the web): William Baker is a man of mystery known for his control over sand. Much of his childhood is unknown, but what is known is that he was born in 1971 to a pair of farmers and had an abusive father who often beat him and his mother. He was seen joining a gang at the age of 17 and committing robberies, with the heists earning him the nickname “Sandman” due to his reputation of knocking cops to unconsciousness. This hardened his heart and made him ruthless and full of vengeance against his father, remembering years of being abused. Some say he ran him over with a stolen car while others say he mercilessly beat him to death. What is agreed on however, was that at one point, he unknowingly walked into a test chamber and got exposed to the chambers chemical effects, merging his human body with sand. On that day, he became a true Sandman!


Lady Cosmo(bottom left): Anna Live was an average college girl with a dream, a dream to go to the stars. It was this dream that kept her fighting through the hardships of being a social outcast and the harsh fact that her mother was very ill. Despite this, she studied hard and graduated, getting a job at Space center as a technician in 1996. She was still ignored by her co-workers and she felt like she wasn’t making enough money for a cure to her mother’s illness. She still had faith in her goals and fought on until she lost, for her day went bad when she was fired and it got worse when her mother passed away.

She couldn’t take it anymore and she snapped, with her powers manifesting as a result of exposure to a strange material in a lab she snuck into out of curiosity. With her newly discovered powers of space, a suit to control such powers and a newborn rage, she became a mistress of space, Lady Cosmo!


Vulture(lower left): Born with a deformity, Adrian Toomes was bullied and called names such as bird brain or freak for his pointy nose. For what he lacked in popularity and brawn, he made up for it with brains and has been creating flying devices since 1974. This talent helped him get a job as an inventor and worked at the Chicago Electric Wonders company until he was fired for attacking a man he accused of plagiarism. With revenge in mind, he built his own mechanical wings and took to the skies as the menacing Vulture!


Mysterio(low middle left): A special effects expert, Quentin Beck made special effects for many sci-fi, action and horror movies, but seeing actors like Errol Flynn and Arnold Schwarzenegger made him wonder what is it like to be on the screen and so he desired to be an actor. He was denied since he did not posses the qualities of an actor and felt depressed, as he was reminded of his failure at running an amusement park. He still tried getting a role in a movie, but he was denied over and over, turning his depression into bitterness. After watching a sci-fi alien movie, he felt inspiration strike his mind and, using his knowledge of special effects, created an alter ego which shall terrify his audiences, calling himself the all mighty Mysterio!


Thermo(low middle right): Steven Miles is living the life, traveling around the country for miles with his motorcycle and has been doing so for as long as he can remember. Born in 1980, Springfield, little Steven was always full of energy, running around and playing with his siblings. In his high school years, he was the most popular student and jock in Springfield Central High School, winning multiple basketball championships and getting himself a girl. One night at a carnival, Steven walked around waiting for his girlfriend to come back until he found her cheating on him with his sports rival. His temper got the best of him and he beats him to death.

With his rival dead, he turned to look at his ex-girlfriend and attempted to attack her, but he was stopped by the nearby police. His time in jail didn’t last for long, as a anonymous man came to him with an offer to join a team of super soldiers. He agreed and underwent a process no one survived, with Steven being the next subject. He survived and emerged with literal firepower at the cost of blowing up the lab, giving him an opportunity to escape. When he saw his captors gaining on him, he froze them in desperation and successfully escaped. With his newfound power over fire and ice, he donned his suit and called himself the powerful Thermo!


Rhino(upper left): Born to a family of criminals, Alexander Brokeim, or Alex for short, was the runt of the family who was often looked down by his whole family. Desperate for their approval, little Alex worked hard in training his physical body, getting stronger over time. He succeeded and was accepted by his family, soon joining them in their crimes. In one of these crimes, Alex broke into a warehouse, looking for a box of drugs, but then he saw a big container possibly containing something huge. Naturally curious, he opened it and found a mechanical suit of armor which has the appearance of a rhino and opened its doors for him.

He got inside the suit and it turned on all of its systems in response to having a host inside. At the moment Alex got in deep thought over the suit, he hear police sirens outside the warehouse and knew he had to do something. He decided to take it to a test drive and luckily, it works, running through the wall and ramming into one of the police cars, saving one of his relatives in the process. After making his escape and bringing his relative home, he felt like he could take on anything. Whenever he donned the suit, he would terrify the innocents of Chicago as the unstoppable Rhino!


Green Goblin(upper middle left): Norman Ozborn was not born in riches, he was born in rags. Born in 1955, Norman was left to live with only his mother due to his father’s death during World War 2. When he realized his mother could not keep their home life stable for long, he decided he needed to work after school. He would work his way up to wealth by gaining knowledge in chemistry and business, increasing his chances at being rich. He graduated at the University of Chicago in 1975 and four years later, he founded Ozcorp Inc. in 1979.

In June 6, 1982, Norman developed a serum he was working on for Project EVOLUTION using properties from a rare plant. He was excited and after successfully testing it on a hamster, he couldn’t wait to test it on himself. He did it, he took the serum and it increased his physical abilities, but it mutated him into a creature resembling a goblin that haunted his dreams. It did more than change his physical form, however, for the side effects of the serum also drove him to madness and caused him to go on a rampage in New York until he was satisfied with the destruction he caused and flew away to Chicago. Citizens of Chicago shall be wary of the terrifying Green Goblin!


Venom(upper middle right): There are many theories as to what Venom is, but two of them are the most debated. Some say it is an alien from another planet while others believe it to be a genetic experiment created to benefit mankind. Whatever the case is, it is known to scientists that it bonds with a host and increases their physical abilities, making it a symbiotic creature. Before they could do any further research, the symbiote escaped captivity to unknown destinations, with the most likely goal being finding a host. It has not been seen for many years until it was spotted again in 1993 in Kentucky, merging itself with an unsuspecting host and turning into one true Venom!


Time King(upper right): What is Time? Is Time real? If so, what time is it? perhaps its time to dive into the story of a man by the name of John Bronson, a man who had a big dream, but had his fate drag him to another path. When he was but a boy, John looked up to his father, who was a firefighter, and aspired to be just like him. Over the years, he learned everything he could about being a firefighter and worked his body to fit the qualifications. All this payed off and he joined the firefighting squad in 1993, doing well saving the innocent and helpless. He felt pretty great about himself and got overconfident in his abilities until one of these rescue jobs got him into heavy trouble in 1996 when the daughter of his boss died in a fire while John was saving another civilian.

In his rage, his boss attacked and fired him, leaving John to feel angry and bitter. In one night, while he was out for a walk, John saw a glowing light in a tunnel and went inside to check it out. There, in what appears to be an abandoned lab, he saw a strange machine with a glowing, violet orb inside. When he got to close to the machine, it exploded and the energy from the orb went into the former firefighter’s body. When he woke up and went out of the tunnel, he realized everything seems to have slowed down until it came to normal speed after a minute of this time freeze.

For several days, he learned more about his powers and found ways to slow down time for more than a minute. Remembering all he knew in his firefighter days, he created a suit fitting his powers and with a desire for payback, he became the Time King!


Ghosty(top right): Back in the 1970s, Maria A. Salander was an optimistic high school girl and has been so since birth. She had friends to hang out with and threw small parties with them. Despite this, she wasn’t exactly popular and she was very often called names and rejected. One day, she found herself running for her life as an angry girl chased her throughout Chicago, with a killing intent in her eyes. Unfortunately, she reached a dead-end in a valley and her pursuer slowly walked towards her. She was beaten to death and it took a day for anyone to notice this.

This is not the end, for she manifested as a ghost and began to haunt the city of Chicago, looking for the girl responsible for her death. She found her in her bedroom and overheard her speaking of her actions being out of envy and hate. After another minute of hearing her moping, Maria decided to set her enemy’s house on fire and block all forms of exit. Maria’s ghost laughed as her bully screams in agony before going silent, with nothing but the sound of fire burning the house and firefighter vans responding to the emergency. Though she’s done what she set out to do, she decided it was not enough and continued to haunt her victims for two decades. Everyone of the physical plane of existence shall fear spooky Ghosty!


Doctor Octopus(top of the Web): Being the daughter of a nurse and a scientist, Linda Octavius is a born genius. She didn’t have many friends, but the few she had worked with her in science clubs during high school and learned just how brilliant she is. She graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry and physics, getting her a job at Ozcorp Inc. She rose through the ranks, to the point of becoming lead scientist, managing different kinds of projects at once. Despite this, she holds a grudge against Norman Ozborn for treating her like a lower-class citizen.

At night-time, when no one was around, she would think of ways to pay Ozborn in kind for her treatment or in other words, bring him to justice. She spent nearly a month working on a set of inflatable tentacles that would assist her in tasks she would be too busy to do and added a feature that can coat them in metal to protect them from anything that would burst them. She tested them and they worked to the perfection, but her joy was short-lived, for Norman entered the lab with guards at his side, with the intention of kicking her out of the company. Something inside of her snapped and she commanded her tentacles to attack Norman and his guards, unaware of her increasing mental instability.

Norman escaped, but she didn’t feel any need to rush, for she needs to come up with a perfect scheme for revenge. After a year of tracking Norman’s whereabouts and testing her newly discovered power of ferrokinesis which she received due to exposure to unknown radiation, she felt it was time to take down Norman Ozborn. With her control over metal and her deadly companions by her side, the world will know the superior Doctor Octopus!


Whew, that’s quite a list of villains here. It has been long for I have been researching the characters that are officially Marvel’s and thinking up backgrounds for them. I at least tried to make their stories a bit different while staying close to the source materials. If some of these guys are too small to see on the image above, no worries because every Saturday I will post each member of the Web of Rogues individually right here, in Mr.O’s Chrono Librarium.

That is all from me, Mr.O and I gotta go swing to a local Starbucks. See ya!




Day of PI 2019


Hellooo everybody! Today is the Day of PI, a day which celebrates the week of mathematics! Ah yeah, today I’m going to wear a PI shirt and have fun at school. Anyway, today I celebrate this day by sharing this year’s symbol of PI with you all. As you can see, the symbol of PI is in the very center of it all, with 2019 above it and light green surrounding the symbol and going through dark green shapes. I made this drawing to make it identifiable and different from the previous PI post.

That is all from me, Mr.O and remember, today is the Day of PI!